May 22, 2010

Thinking Free

"It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave. So keep on thinking free."
Moody Blues

May 11, 2010

Design Consciousness Thumbnail

Design effectively functions at an inter-dimensional level, between the realm of the quantum and what we perceive as the three dimensional world. In other words, design functions at a level beyond the senses. Design is energy in the form of a symbol. Design is instrumental in knowing and experiencing consciousness.

DNA creates an inter-dimensional quantum field of consciousness that surrounds us. To some this field has been described as the mind. All the parts that create DNA work together compiling all that you know and/or experience. DNA is connected to the brain by design, which appears in the form of an inter-dimensional resonance that has the capacity to direct and focus its energy from a quantum status into a linear one and visa-versa.

These thumbnail sketches are an attempt to describe and model the contextual relationship between design, DNA and these inter-dimensional quantum fields. Each circle represents a DNA field. The two rings describe the inter-dimensional field as being both subjective (internal) and objective (external). The lines between the rings describe the symbolic pathways (designs) typical of every inter-dimensional DNA field. These pathways are the symbols that allow only certain frequencies to penetrate and/or be given expression between one field and another.

When a particular frequency is found appropriate, parts of the each field will resonate to the other. Similarly, each DNA field will categorically absorb the event within its own inter-dimensional parameters.

A multitude of designs emerge from every quantum field, yet not all will find expression. Not all symbols resonate with all fields, either microcosmically or macrocosmically. Not all symbols are capable of creating the frequencies necessary for an expansion between fields of DNA. Design is key in both opening and closing doors important to the expansion of consciousness.

It must be remembered that the expansion of consciousness is a two way street and fundamental for both microcosmic and macrocosmic fields of DNA to share in awareness.

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