January 28, 2014

Notes From the Field

Conceptual impressions from the sketchbook yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument, network or post.

Twelve fields within a spiraling macro field of emergence ... each spiraling as a vortex within a membranaceous field called consciousness ... fields that characterize ... manifestations of such qualities = planets ... characteristic of the "field" ...  new view of a "horoscope" not segmented but integrated in a perpetual state of change.

Harmonic oscillation parallels the emergence of a "disturbance" from within a virtual unknown ... aka as a consubstantial event ... a dimensional field emerges as result of a harmonic oscillation between two or more fields sharing a common virtual origin.

Challenge: How to adapt to change in the moment? How to respond creatively in that moment? How to navigate in a quantum world? How to deal with a new awareness? What constitutes a reference point? What constitutes an intermediary reference point? What is the structure between dimensions as alluded to by means of the intuition? Each reference is merely a "position" in oscillation and perpetual change. 

Awareness will appear within the parameters of an emerging field of virtual energy-in-motion ... we see evidence of a quantum world by means of design ... a symbolic interpretation of energy made intellectually, emotionally, intuitively, holographically, and "spiritually" apparent in relative 3D space/time.

... these are patterns appearing as the result of a consubstantial* event emerging from within a virtual unknown ... a field of dimensional probability is the result of a complementary resonance appearing between opposites that aren't really "opposite" but merely symbolic references made conscionable, meaningful and purposeful by virtue of the design process. All apparent opposition is in part an allusion made in reference to a virtual "background" that harbors both the known and the unknown ... consciousness appears to emerge from this same environment by means of the imagination in the relative form of an idea, i.e. a design that imparts awareness upon all relative  substance.  
*consubstantial |ˌkänsəbˈstan ch əl|

of the same substance or essence

In reference to the concept of bosons and fermions: Forms are first conceived/imagined as three positions made in reference to each other (2D) ... their impression can be the most vague (intangible) to the most hardened (tangible) ... each position becomes qualified by means of the relationships, i.e. patterns, appearing as result of the field they inhabit by virtue of substantiation ... triangularity (2D) makes the quantum leap into 3D by means of the imaginings surrounding a fourth position which becomes the tetrahedron and building block encompassing the concept of "form" in three dimensional space/time.

Evidence of the quantum world, in addition to every multiverse imaginable, appears before and gives substance to consciousness by means of design.

The importance of intention: Without the focus of energy-in-motion as a vector, the probability of any intention becoming an idea would be lost ... the capacity of the imagination to meander within the parametric constraints of the mind is powered by an alternating push and pull of the e-motions ... i.e. decisions made in the moment and in reference to every circumstance ... as this energy becomes more convoluted within the constraints of time, secondary thought forms (ideas) further migrate along its sinuous path ... creating the most appropriate riffles and pools of ideas within the terrain of the subconscious ...

“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?" That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.”
Intention reinforces energy, light and information in the present moment ... must retain a degree of intensity and direction in reference to a design-ation, an objective, or set of objectives so as to attain a goal in the form of a new position, pattern and field ... intention must retain its imaginability, the ability to be visualized and made manifest in relative form ... kama manas naturally "kicks-in" adding both a visceral and mental purpose and meaning, which are the qualities required to meet the needs of every situation and circumstance ...

We bring our reality to holographic awareness by resonating to the imaginings that symbolically emerge from within the depths of a virtual field we describe as consciousness. 

Aren't all things reflections of an original "source" that can only be known, perceived and observed by and from within that same wellspring? Aren't all these things likewise imagined to be the emissions and results of a greater unity?

By means of absorption we allow ourselves to resonate to frequencies that are reflected upon a background, i.e. a field of consciousness we collectively contribute to and participate in by virtue of our imagination ... the concept of choice determines which frequency, i.e. formation of energy, light and in-formation we accept, contrast or complement. 

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