November 29, 2008

Virtual Design

Design has the ability to link our mind with our desires by means of our imagination. Design is the process that allows us to create and make “real” our wants and aspirations.

The mind harbors the unification and organization of thought, while emotion affords an observer the desire to make dreams come true. Design is an instrument of the will. Design facilitates creativity.

The means required to experience consciousness are both tangible and intangible, i.e. a desire interwoven into a fabric of virtual (plasmic) expression. Design sews the threads and facilitates the weaving of a cloth of both known and unknown origin.

The connective attributes essential to design allow the imagination to be the re-source upon which events can be experienced both in an objective and subjective manner. The imagination brings life to patterns of energy by making them appear to be both real and unreal. The imagination is an instrument of the mind where the sound of facts, opinions, intelligence, knowledge and understanding can be experienced. Emotion is an instrument of the heart and intuition a harmonic fulcrum cloaked in feeling.
Without design consciousness might never experience the challenges and events surrounding self-knowledge. Design symbolically unites the mind, the emotions, the feelings and the forms of the universe by means of the imagination.

Design is holographic in character. Design models the impressions surrounding the concept of consciousness by virtue of the patterns, i.e. archetypes, that identify certain qualities in the universe.

The archetypes appear to be large cultural and psychological patterns of energy that have great influence over the etheric realms. The concept surrounding the ethers allows for the laws of physics and the imaginative qualities of the mind to work together. Virtual particles can be described as a type of ether/plasma that fills the void of space by being an "invisible substance" permeating and giving life to the universe.

“Everything in our world is connected to everything else.”
Gregg Braden

Virtual elements connect everything to everything else at all levels of awareness which includes the concept of consciousness itself. Virtual particles found in the relative form of an ether are part and parcel to all that can be humanly imagined and/or conceived. They actively connect the tangible with the intangible. This hypothesis greatly impacts our current understanding of design in relationship to consciousness. The only way these alternate states of awareness and interpretations of "form" can be made conscionable in 3D space/time is through the use and application of the symbol, i.e. design.

Design is the universal phenomenon upon which consciousness and awareness is dependent. Design translates, transmits and transforms energy into and out of patterns of etheric vibration. Etheric particles are contained in the elements that describe and exhibit consciousness, aka the universe. Reality therefore becomes a probability construct made apparent within the context of the imagination. An etheric universe demands that all imaginings be considered in contextual reference to other virtual forms of energy, light and information.

Virtual particles (ether) help describe the vibratory strings that together create a harmonic universe. Virtual particles contribute to the nature of consciousness by affording it the necessary "substance" required to define, perceive, measure and express it.

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Design Metaphysics: The Triad

The product of one and two is three. It describes unity. This triad has the potential to bring balance to the relationship between the polarities of meaning and purpose while simultaneously transcending them. The product of every duality is a triad, which is a symbolic completion of the first creation. The triad gives significance (meaning and purpose) to all that follows.

The product of every duality conveys a new balance. If both dimensions can be equally experienced, understood and appreciated, friction between opposites is suppressed and the appearance of a new unity becomes apparent. The triad brings about this change by allowing the creator, i.e. the monad, to recreate itself from within a field of its own creation and then again from yet another perspective.

The concept of unity however, still remains as the universe brings to awareness a series of new perspectives and expressions to envelop the original intention. First by discovery and then by implementation, this third point of view has the potential to resolve conflicts between opposites by experiencing the consequences that have surfaced from their creation.

These relationships are designed to provide for the transcendence of any circumstances that have preceded them, while quietly initiating the concept of linear time. The original intent remains the same, as further manifestations continue to propagate and facilitate the additional expansion of this single pointed awareness. A proliferation of materializations in support of this awareness also multiplies the opportunity for the observer to experience an epiphany of consciousness, i.e. a synergistic moment. And it is the emergence of the triad that symbolizes the first steps in this evolutionary process.

The procedure of one, two and three is a sequencing of the design process. They illustrate the beginning of a methodology that appears to have originated from the depths of obscurity and into a multitude of expressions that have expanded about a common desire. From a mysterious singularity (yang, Adam) the process creates a secondary, but equal middle ground (yin, Eve) where distinctions can be made by splitting apart being ness into becoming.

What may appear to be created in opposition to being is merely a part of the symbolic process towards becoming. The concept of a duality creates the “field” if you will, i.e. the middle ground, from which the opportunity for being (singularity) can be sown in order to transcend, pierce and bring balance to that which has yet to be experienced.

The triad (triangularity) transcends both being (singularity) and becoming (duality) by bringing summation, i.e. balance, to the “relationship”. The triad completes the underlying requirement needed to complete the first phase, which is essential to symbolically furthering our “experiences” into the field of duality we perceive as reality.

Design and the design process is an integral part of creation and unity. The design process naturally describes the inherent need for change, which is a by-product of a primordial drive of the universe to bring balance to every situation. It soon becomes apparent that in order to restore any kind of inner unity, we must monitor our experiences and welcome change as a differing point-of-view.

Both form and formlessness add a third perspective. They each provide a third position from which experiences can be reviewed, observed and felt; mentally, emotionally and physically. In this manner our reality, whether virtual or not, becomes a background from which we can review and observe our experiences both subjectively and objectively.

The summation of the third element in the design process also signifies the beginning of an evolutionary process where each future manifestation, i.e. experience, has the potential to transcend the qualities of the one preceding it. The duality of our indigenous origins are always reflected and designed within the consciousness of our future experiences.

Being’s becoming is perpetually renewed symbolically by design. Design is the common bond, the common linking agent reflected in the creations of the human species, the planet and the universe.

The desire in support of creation is a force that appears to emerge from a single origin. This force expands in a spiral fashion creating an interwoven vortex to which consciousness is attracted. Appearing to be circular in one perspective, the expressions that surround an original intention “materializes” in consciousness as an evolutionary by-product of its own desire.

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Find your truth. Know your mind. Follow your heart. Love eternal will not be denied. Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Please note … posts are continually being edited over time. Copyright © 2006-2017 C.G. Garant. All Rights Reserved. Fair Use Notice.
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