May 14, 2018

I Think It's About Time

Conceptual impressions surrounding this article are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument, network or post.

The concept of time and space are the most dynamic components used to perceive and inquire into the universe. Together they are designed to create the framework, i.e. the "field", in which forms of energy, light and information can appear, disappear and be recognized. The concept of there being an "observer" would be nonexistent without the fabric of time and space. Time and space contribute to the idea that a grand network of energy appears before our consciousness in the form of a universe in which we participate and have our being. 

Time and space are essential in comprehending the idea of there being an observer to witness what is experienced. Being an observer alludes to the fact that you are conscious of a reality both within and beyond your own awareness. To be an observer is to imply that you are the perceiver of a number of universes, most of which appear to be of your own making. To be an observer brings forward a number of realizations, one of which is to realize that you possess a particular POV all your own. Your universe/s are subjective in quality. Your universe/s are reflections of your wants and desires originating from a number of perspectives. This awareness makes itself self evident within the dimensional parameters of 3D space/time. 

Who would of seriously thought that you are a participant and "source" of all these observations concerning reality? You may never have thought about that before. In time you soon come to realize that this awareness, in conjunction with many others, needs to be experienced and discovered for your self. You are the designer/s of what you experience. Your realities in time and space change in reference to your POV including every context in which those observations are made. We create the patterns, the formations, the systems, the opinions, the "facts", the matrixes, etc. that together constitute our reality. Together they create the ultimate field in which we discover, learn and experience our own "presence". We evolve and expand in reference to the bridges, i.e. links and networks, we have constructed and given preference (focus). 

There is a ratio between time and space. Time and space have a symbiotic relationship. The dynamic between these concepts can be observed, measured, experienced and "felt" at most every level of human consciousness. Einstein has shown that time and space are affected by the speed of light. Time changes, space changes and so do the experiences that have created the context in which these changes occur. Change emerges in reference to an observer's POV in addition to the immediate (time) and surrounding context (space) in which these changes are observed.  

At this juncture in human evolution time and space share in our concept of "presence". Together we permeate the universe. As observers we experience this presence every moment ... awake or at sleep. Time and space create the context in which our every universe can be observed, reviewed, experienced and understood. Reality is actually an integration of many vibratory re-sources chosen to be viewed and experienced within a particular stratum of space/time. Every position (POV) we take for reasons of growth and expansion will overlap and change. These actions require cooperation and transformation in addition to a network in which these needs can be expressed (materialized) in reference to meaning and purpose (function). These dimensions are somewhat intangible others are more "material". 

Design is the Universal coupling device for all Consciousness.

It is imperative for us to understand that we are both observing and experiencing a vibratory universe where frequencies are constantly interacting and intermingling. Individually and in conjunction with others these vibratory dynamics create an ever changing field of energy. Holistically these forces exhibit and maintain the qualities of a virtual domain that exhibits an unthinkable amount of potentiality. All forms of energy, light and information are virtual in essence and remain formless merely because we haven't focused our intentions or desires upon them. Collectively we haven't made the appropriate connections between our resources and the dimensions/realms where these forces can be made apparent (meaningful and purposeful). When we focus our energies upon this virtual field of quantum potential we likewise give it structure, i.e. a form about which similar patterns of our own making can be made manifest.

We each have certain desires appearing as a drive or creative impulse to take on the form of a design, i.e. symbolic representation, of what we would like to appear and/or bring into manifestation. This s/urge stems from the drive to create, re-produce and/or bring into awareness the reality/universe we envision, i.e. imagine, for ourselves. We resonate to certain frequencies because we complement them in 3D space/time by how we act, think and feel. We bring into manifestation certain vibratory patterns of energy within the parameters of what it is like to be human experiencing 3D space/time. We possess the ability to make such qualities real/tangible because in essence, we exhibit similar patterns within the mental, physical, emotional context of our own field of awareness/consciousness.  

These vibratory "qualities" that make reference to ourselves and our interpretation of the universe, stem from and are matched to our DNA. What we create represents patterns of form, magnitude and frequency. This re-presentation is hidden in full view. This re-presentation of your desire for wholeness and balance is veiled within the parameters of 3D space/time in the form of a symbol. 

Likened to a chord having its complementary vibration resonating at both a higher and lower octave, patterns of energy form  in order to become the products of their own "source". These are the qualities (frequencies) that substantiate our being-ness. We re-produce (re-create) and similarly resonate to, certain vibrations rather than others. These are patterns, i.e. qualities, we each contribute to and voluntarily express, i.e. materialize, from within the parametric constraints of our own point of view. 

We typically share and contribute to these realities by means of our imagination. What we think and feel about certain situations allows us to resonate to what we want to experience within the parametric constraints of our own DNA or blueprint. This awareness is multi-dimensional in quality. Its predicated upon what YOU bring to every relationship, what YOU resonate to and what YOU'RE willing to share (network). 

We reveal to ourselves who we are by means of what we create. By virtue of design we become observers. Choose or share in an-other pattern of expression and expect to experience similar ramifications having been transformed and customized about your own POV. This is why it is imperative that everything you choose to materialize in space/time is fully investigated and pondered upon before contributing your own energy to the situation. 

Your blueprint lies quietly hidden in your natal chart. Your blueprint can be revealed to you by design if you so choose. Your journey (path/Tao) guides you in every moment by means of attraction and repulsion. Over "time" and in "space" your experiences grow. Space and time are all inclusive. Together they make reference to the framework of duality and create the format/context necessary for you to exercise your choices. Where do you really want to go? Returning to unity and re-sourcefulness requires that you to first know and then love your-self. 

This is not necessarily a spiritual or religious journey yet could be interpreted as such by some. These systems are merely means in which to interpret a particular POV that you might share (network) with others. In actuality, your journey is more closely woven into the fabric of meta-physics and its reference to art, language, culture, society etc. Together all paths lead to the future and well being of the planet.

Time and space make reference to a universe where waves of energy have both a direct and indirect impact upon the context in which they are observed. These waves of energy affect how you observe your world. This ever changing environment changes your perceptions, impressions, intentions and desires. Changes close to you appear more controllable than those outside your range of influence. 

However, this is not always the case when entering a different universe, i.e. contextual network. The further away from the source which is you, the greater the contextual resistance. In design intention and desire can either slow down or speed up when made in reference to a quantum understanding of the dimension in which you choose to function. The closer a desire and/or intention approaches materialization the greater the resistance and the greater the stress. Every creative desire from every POV will meet and experience resistance when observed from within the parameters of time and space.  

Original intentions and desires are typically quick and responsive to the moment. Yet, when the desire to manifest an intention within a "resource-full awareness", forces outside your awareness will likewise surface to oppose your original intent. In actuality, any resistance to your desires likewise reflects upon the parameters in which you have allowed yourself to function. In other words, your beginning to approach the parameters of your own influence (field) by purposely prescribing to yourself the limits of your own contextual framework (blueprint). As things begin materialize they likewise appear to spread further away from your original goal or designation. Compromises are made as you adapt your process towards your goals, intentions and desires. Resistance is fundamental to the design process/experience. Resistance is necessary for full engagement and absorption required for higher vibrational resonance.

The focus of your desire allows you to feel the heaviness of the context in which they've been designed to experience. This becomes immediately apparent as you individually perceive such desires, how you expect them to materialize and how they might be expressed. It is at this point that you return to your source and ponder upon the opportunity that has so graciously been afforded to you. This position is based upon simple awareness, but like everything else has meta-physical origins.

Design consciousness implies that you have set for yourself a particular designation based upon the patterns (blueprint/s) you've created and set aside to bring forth by means of certain desires and intentions. These impressions appear as ideas, i.e. patterns, i.e. networks of energy based upon learned experiences. 

This is a typical response stemming from the medium (context) in which your desire and intentions originate. Time in support of every desire is "experienced". Time is affected by the causal medium (universe) in which an event is observed in the moment. Changes are felt and measured by event experiences observed from within the parametric constraints of a particular POV. Observations from a quantum POV are multidimensional in character ... always changing until pointedly brought in-to focus by a self conscious agent.

Resistance is the cause of friction. Resistance causes agents of like kind to join together, adapt, develop more complex patterns, i.e. forms, of energy for purposes of survival. Evolution is the prescription for survival. When challenged every species will join to create (design) the most appropriate solution necessary for survival. Together they re-create their re-sources in order to resonate within the dimension, i.e. context, that substantiates and complements their "state" of conscious awareness. For humanity survival through change remains within the ranks of the unknown (quantum) universe. Time is for the observer to change in order to survive.

Every aspect of a projection (desire in the form of an idea) includes the concept of time. Time complements space in every dimension and in every substantiation of the same. Time along with space establish the parameters, i.e. dimensions, that bring significance to the contextual margins established within every field of consciousness. Together these efforts create the references necessary to bring an idea into realization no matter its source or origin. Every dimension brings reference to a particular space and time. Every POV is likewise a reflection upon the characteristics of its creator. You are what you do. You are the creator you seek. The creator is already in you. You are what you create and what you are looking for.

Space lags in time when perceived/observed from a lower frequency. Time and space are made "real" only when made in reference to some form of phenomena. Every network is a reflection of its source/s. Every network is designed to make reference to its self by means of the energy, light and information displayed within its causal range of effect and affect.

The mind (intellect/electric) along with any corresponding desire (emotions/magnetic) common to human consciousness, runs faster than the vibratory impulses expressed within the constraints of three-dimensional space/time. Computerization along with its ability to create offsetting realities of virtual origin, override earlier parameters aligned to contemporary interpretations of 3D space/time. Time is becoming inconsequential. Time is no longer needed or required the closer you reach absorption within yourself. This is especially important when you see and feel your resources being materialized by others within your matrix of being and awareness.

Time viewed from a higher POV is electric in quality, mental in-form-ation and immediate in context. Time will eventually be outmatched by Oneness. Your singularity can be discovered instantaneously and in very moment so there is no need for time ... you are living it ... you are it. Time and space will be found to be merely tools to be used for expansion within a universe that has always beckoned you behind the veil of 3D space/time ... you ARE and actively participate IN the very universe you seek and desire. 

The concepts of time and space reflect a designed consciousness. Along with relative "form" they re-present a spark of Light that can be found within the context of a purposeful and meaningful containment. Design re-presents a packaged spark of singularity that has no quantum boundary. Together they bring significance to the field of consciousness from which they are observed. This is you. Life (light) described in the form of a timeline (vector) describes the desires and intentions supporting its creative source. The concepts of time and space act as waveforms that break up upon entering the outer levels of every contextual field. They are part of a greater singularity designing itself within and about the parameters (field) of its own Consciousness. The One (Source) becomes the two (space/time) that together bring reference to their creation in relative form. 

The time/space continuum create the context in which forms of desire and self awareness can be born and experienced. Time and space create the context in which the design, i.e. the intention and desire of a particular re-source, can emerge from unconscious origins. What once appeared intangible became realized by means of designing in virtual (quantum) time and space. Design allows the invisible to become visible. Time and space create the context in which forms can emerge, be born and made manifest and be reflected upon. The source within appears hidden yet is given expression by means of signs, symbols, networks and metaphor. 

Time, space and form are made conscious by means of design

Upon entrance into the unknown contextual references and creative desires once conceived within an active realm (strata) of consciousness no longer exist, or have meaning or purpose once the source in support of every duality is discovered and embraced.  Desire remains dormant and beyond the scope of realization while "substance" becomes the fodder for the next design cycle.

Space like time has been created in order to contain the desires and emotions of an observer for the purposes of expansion and growth. The relative formation of energy, light and information is the result of this emerging process. Experience* can be attained in many ways. Experience is a way of holistically describing the metaphysical implications that are incorporated into the expansion of every design. 
experience |ikˈspi(ə)rēəns|
practical contact with and observation of facts or events : he had already learned his lesson by painful experience | he spoke from experience.
• the knowledge or skill acquired by such means over a period of time, esp. that gained in a particular profession by someone at work : older men whose experience could be called upon | candidates with the necessary experience.
• an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone : for the younger players it has been a learning experience.
verb [ trans. ]
encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence) : the company is experiencing difficulties.

• feel (an emotion) : an opportunity to experience the excitement of New York.

Light can be measured in the form of both a particle and a wave. The universe expands and contracts. Both events might be observed as microcosmic events emerging from within a macrocosmic context.

A collective consciousness in the form of design permeates the universe. This greater consciousness, i.e. Source, is made of a woven tapestry of codified agents both seen and unseen. Each agent is a fractal representative and an integral part of the whole. Each agent symbolically re-presents the light of the network from within. Every agent affords a meaning, a purpose and a material sustenance to the collective while simultaneously substantiating itself as the presence of an observer.    

Every wave form diminishes in amplitude and intensity upon reaching the outer regions of its field of influence. At some point every field of energy eventually dissipates by blending into a background "space". Any idea surrounding the concept of time is likewise affected. Time along with space has a major influence on our understanding of the universe. The density of space has overcome the impulse of time at the "inner regions" of a conceptual, i.e. virtual, universe of our own making. This is a space that will remain virtual in origin. The viscosity of space attests to an accountable resistance appearing to originate beyond the concept of time as we know it. Time is the product of an impulse to categorically substantiate and symbolize the e-motions of a greater consciousness. The "source" of this concept retains the position (POV) of an observer throughout the design process. The closer to source the less demands upon time. Time and space combine to become One at dimensional levels that reach beyond form. At this juncture time is of no need, space is of no consequence and forms created for purposes of knowing is a matter of choice. Here lies a domain beyond human comprehension and quantum substantiation.

For example, when creating a disturbance upon the surface of a pond the observer takes a position outside the system it intends to discover for its self.  The creative process chooses a vehicle, i.e. an avatar, it can most effectively use to begin the design process towards satisfying the intention and desire to know and experience what it is observing. In essence, creation initiates its own transformation by means of substantiation, which is symbolically expressed through a wide variety of vehicles, e.g. physics, art, science, architecture, culture, society, etc. 

The source of every form of energy, light and information lies deep within every network. Patterns emerge as result of a series of events focused about the substantiation surrounding a particular focus, desire/compulsion/fixation/idea. A construct of some degree, ref. a hologram, is imperative in order to perpetuate the evolution of a particular strand of conscious awareness for purposes of observation and reflection. 

When following a path of enlightenment a network becomes necessary for observation, assimilation and reflection. Quantum, non-linear and appearing chaotic from a human POV, forms of light, energy and information of varying intensity and vibration create the means by which consciousness can surface out of no-where. 

Symbols created in reference to this re-source appear through the process of manifestation, i.e. the creative act. Design affectively initiates the process towards knowledge, gratification and substantiation. What we perceive in every form of energy made apparent within the context of space and time, are the affects of this impulse. We both interpret and resonate to these impulses both subjectively and collectively. We view these currents of vibration as carrying the patterns of a reality only we can re-construct within the parameters of being human.

In reference to our example, an original disturbance (focused intent) initiates the process by means of attracting those vibrations that together become the ideas (vehicles) required to begin the design process. The purpose and meaning in support of this quest remains a mystery except to the creator of the initiatory event. These desires lie beyond what has been previously imagined or desired. Form embraces the desires and intentions of a creative im-pulse/projection to expand one's field of consciousness. Transformation offers humanity the opportunity to reach deep into the workings and source of every event by means of symbol, metaphor and design. 

Eventually time will no longer be required. Time as we know it will for all intents and purposes no longer exist. Time will blend into a conceptual presence known only to its creator as being part of a greater consciousness. Time will be denied a medium, i.e. dimension, needed in order for an observer to become contextually relevant. Time is no longer necessary. The observer has learned that their consciousness is relevant and an integral partner in a cosmic network of light. The original intention in support of its engagement with substance has expired by creative choice and evolution. Forms have been fractured into plasmic impulses, electric projections and magnetic attractions. Patternless substance is no longer used, no longer necessary. Duality and desire has vanished, dispersed into a field of all knowing.  A singularity of consciousness remains and upon further inspection never left. Feelings increase, the thrill remains, desire has waned and intentions appear unnecessary. The search for wholeness by means of substantiation has lessened and the virtues of time and space disappeared and no longer needed. It is what it is.

Space time is a referential container, i.e. a context where certain “ideas” can appear, function and take on the symbolic role of an agent or avatar. Avatars make reference to their point of origin (source) by means of symbol, metaphor and design. Avatars are vehicles in the form of a patterned reflection of light (holographic image) meant to re-present certain qualities innate to their origin or source. 

The split caused by resistance and lack of focus brings into contention the concept of duality. Resistance brings fragmentation, emergence, re-generation and identifiable singularities throughout the process of reformation. Resistance fragments the concept of wholeness while simultaneously igniting the urge towards creativity by means of incoherency. This unique situation is the result of the exchange of energy, light and/or information between elements and agents. 

Humanity typically views this flux within the concept of reality as change. Original patterns (ideas) may "at times" appear to be locked in and permanent yet from a quantum perspective these forces are constantly adapting, modifying, altering, reorganizing, transforming, transfiguring, tweaking, transmuting, amending, reshaping, adjusting, refining, and emerging in reference to a particular "blueprint", i.e. design. This blueprint has been designed to change within the framework of space and time. Space and time merely establish the context in which the concept of evolution, expansion and growth can be experienced. The concept of duality attracts impermanence therefore allowing every creator the means by which it can experience its own consciousness.

I propose that resistance, change and duality exist in every dimension beyond "source". In reference to humanity, illumination is re-presented within the context of mind, feeling, emotion and form. Change can appear to be swift and instantaneous when viewed from within the quantum realms of plasma and relative substance. Creative gestures streaming through lower dimensional frequencies appear to take more time to "materialize" and change more in-frequent.

Greater awareness brings with it greater responsibility surrounding the creative gestures stemming from both individual (micro) and collective (macro) re-sources. Therefore, decisions made at higher vibratory levels of consciousness are intelligently supported, intuitively referenced, collective in intent, balanced in implementation, subjective in character and holistic in result. 

Objectives and goals are designed to reflect upon the content and context of every timeless "formation". Unity is made strong by means of designing the most appropriate links between the rightful agents of truth, beauty and goodness. Unity is the result of an ever-present singularity designed into every creation.

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