January 8, 2018

The Wisdom in Knowing and Understanding Why

Numbers, like letters of the alphabet, are designs, i.e. symbolic representations of a specific system of images and forms geometrically encoded; patterns of energy, light and information created in order to direct awareness and cohesively make sense in what appears to be a sense-less world through cognitive reasoning and feeling, i.e. intuition. Symbols are forms designed to resonate within the mind and emotions of an observer. In coordination and in context with form they together exhibit a specific purpose and meaning.

Plasmic ethers are virtual in character. Plasma's origin lies within the etheric depths of the universe. Plasma's "substance"* is a geometric, i.e. tangible, reflection of its somewhat intangible source. Substance is merely an early step in the design process towards manifestation, aka creation. Substance makes its appearance in the formation of the Cosmos (Universe). Plasma is quantum in essence and when patterned about certain influences (forces) in the universe become metaphysical in character while straddling the line between vapor and solidarity. Substance becomes visible and forms become apparent (form-like) by means of a holographic geometry. Etheric substance (plasma) changes and adapts according to the context in which it is contained (space), felt (imagined) and/or observed (time). Plasma is instrumental in giving rise to the metaphysical.
* Plasma can fluctuate between form and formlessness, a quantum characteristic describing the dynamic relationship and transformation between the concepts of a particle and a wave. Plasma can be controlled by means of an outside influence patterned about the designs of a conscious observer.

Forms appear in graduated degrees of density.** Every geometry brings expression to a different set of configurations in the form of energy, light and information. All kinds of forms can be found in nature. Substance (matter) appears to be wrapped, packaged and patterned about different configurations based upon the context in which they are observed. Substance under the influence of a dualistic context (Kama Manas, Yin Yang), are made "known" by means of these two "opposing" frequencies. Together these forces command a tertiary influence in the form of a dynamic force field that emerges from within the conditions observed. The product/s of this relationship are made symbolically apparent. They are the designed reflections of an Intelligence bearing meaning and purpose.

** density |ˈdensitē|
noun ( pl. -ties)
the degree of compactness of a substance : a reduction in bone density.
• Computing a measure of the amount of information on a storage medium (tape or disk). For magnetic tape it is the amount of information recorded per unit length of tape (bits per inch or millimeter); for a disk, a fixed number of bits per sector, sectors per track, and tracks per disk : chip density doubles every eighteen months | [as modifier, in combination ] low-density 5.25-inch floppy disk | a drive capable of handling high-density 1.44 megabyte disks.
• Physics degree of consistency measured by the quantity of mass per unit volume.

Matter labels a certain vibratory “state” or design which is the product of a series of dualistic influences. Substance (matter) brings significance to this intangible relationship. Substance is rooted in plasma. And by means of the formation of these ethereal forces, shares in what might be considered the changing state of physical, mental and emotional impermanence.

Matter might be described and interpreted as a light source (consciousness) captured within the context (space) of the moment (time). In this example the end result of this relationships is a form, pattern or network of energy harboring the potential of being significant, i.e. a synchronistic design event or experience. In a sense light can be found to be tangible and appearing to stand still in time and space for reasons of observation and further expansion.
Note: Please ponder upon the concept of plasma being the original "material" of light, energy and information. Consider the formulation of this energy as the reflection of an Intelligent mind along with its physical, mental, emotional and "spiritual" implications. Is the Cosmos the holographic imagining of a Universal Intelligence or combination of Intelligences? Can the idea of a universal Light source be found in every form of energy be the basis of a higher meta-physics? Does "star stuff" possess an etheric and plasmic origin and therefore be considered the expression of a common universal mind? Are the designs of this Intelligence a reflection of its own DNA made apparent in a celestial field (universe) for all to experience a hologram? Does the concept of "dark" matter re-present un-enlightened, unactivated DNA strand not yet included in the design of the Universe? Is this what might be meant when we consider the axiom "As above so below"?

Mind, matter and our emotions are ways in which we detect, feel and observe our “objective” world. Our five senses resonate (vibrate) to a multitude of frequency states that complement the forms we ourselves express and co-create. These patterns are discovered by focusing upon the astrological arrangement of geometric events and states as expressed in 3D space and linear time.

Form and formlessness are both contained within the margins, i.e. frequencies, of observation. Both impressions are both felt and observed by our senses. We observe all phenomena from within the parameters of a field described as 3D space/time. We perceive and respond to these vibrations because occupy this dimension and are physically composed of the same star stuff (substance).

Our challenge as a species is to sustain our concentration towards bringing light, energy and information from the universe into balance with the parametric constraints of an Earthly existence. Our presence (light) is focused and concentrated in 3D space/time. Our presence likewise includes an awareness of 2D, 4D and 5D space/time. 

Due to an ever-changing universe all "things" have been designated to expand in awareness. Humanities expansion is a reflection of planetary significance. Every dimensional field of consciousness, i.e. mineral, plant, animal and human, together create a network of global, solar, galactic and universal expression and consequence. Dimensions overlap and humanity by nature is multi-dimensional in character. When conscious humanity possesses the ability to become an active beacon and co-creator of Light. 

Design is a harbinger of Light***. Design is an event/experience of great importance. Humanity must now make mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sense out of every "situation" in order to survive. Due to the ever increasing complexity of life upon this planet design's relevance has become essential to the survival of the species. 

*** harbinger |ˈhärbənjər|
a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another : witch hazels are the harbingers of spring.
a forerunner of something : these works 

Survival is directly and indirectly dependent upon choices made within a global matrix (network) shared by all life forms. Each has been designed, i.e. designated, to purposely contribute its own unique qualities to the mix in order to create a balance, i.e. harmony, between “states” of light and energy. All networks are linked. Life forms overlap in response to their own survival. Consciousness will change and/or adapt in its own distinctive way. 

Change is made apparent within the form and context of every observer.  Change in reference to survival is linked to the ability to maintain balance. Energy must be appropriately distributed within the complex nature of every planetary matrix. Resolution remains difficult due to the intricacies surrounding the complex nature of the system. Inadequacy and imbalance is easy to find. Progress, knowledge and growth in awareness become the results of an ever expanding and contracting process. Growth, fragmentation, change and expansion are inescapable principles found throughout the universe. 

Dependency and accountability must be shared as concepts and ideas surrounding the idea of "complexity". Every system will experience a certain degree of error and distortion. Consciousness (awareness) is a fluctuating point of focus, i.e. an integration of a variety of vibrational states "positioned" strategically by means of a resonant geometry pattern founded upon meaning and purpose, aka a design. The universe remains active in a contextual consciousness created by virtue of the dynamic interface created between opposites while remaining virtual in character until purposely moved and/or acted upon. 

Ethereal interpretations can be both plasmic and "spiritual" in composition. They can be read as elements readily transforming themselves into formable systems of energy, light and information. Together they harbor a universal desire for meaning and purpose known only to the creative "source" about which these forms emerge. In reference to humanity, design appears self centered and based in the ego. Humanity appears the weakest link in a chain of events, events that have distorted the transfer, absorption and distribution of universal energy, light and information.

Responsibility lies in sustaining balance while in quest for knowledge, understanding and universal wisdom. It appears to be in humanities best interest to bring equilibrium to every fabric of a collective consciousness.

Forms change. Substances change. Design remains critical. Humanity both directly and indirectly affects every aspect of consciousness physically (earth), mentally (air), emotionally (water) and spiritually (fire). Humanity participates in the design of “our own universe” by bringing into fruition the qualities of a unique kind of individualized awareness upon the planet. Survival requires active participation in the realization of a greater field of consciousness, i.e. a higher level of intelligence (wisdom) made viable by means of awareness. This goal remains the product of coordination, cooperation and a collective direction stemming from a higher vibratory frequency.

Survival requires contributions from a number of “intelligences” (points of light) that together combine to bring relevance and geometry to what we describe as a universal Intelligence/consciousness.

The power of human design potential lies in the subconscious, which for all intents and purposes symbolically re-presents a field of perpetual change, transition and transformation. It is a shamanic portal between the tangible and the intangible, an awareness that can only be discovered by a seeker of truth, beauty and goodness, i.e. unity, through correspondence.

The subconscious is intuitively felt. The concepts of space and time can appear vague while simultaneously retaining certain debatable attributes dependent upon the observer. Situations become redefined during the design process of fragmentation, transition and transformation. Codes and programs are changed and altered and no longer conspire to follow, support and sustain past agendas, patterns and directives. Past transformations become undesirable. Recalibration by virtue of re-programming brings reconstruction, redistribution of energy, light and information therefore freeing associations made between “states” of awareness. Frequencies no longer align, intelligence and wisdom oversee the process and when appropriate, accepts or rejects the vitalization of every energy arrangement.

Creation assimilates patterns of energy stemming from a collective or common source. In other words, the micro is but one plausible impression of a macro "state" made apparent by means of a series of graduated designs meant to perpetuate a consistent and appropriate allocation of energy, light and information.  

How we respond to every "situation" is dependent upon our designed blueprint (plan).  How we respond depends upon a network of elemental/micro "states" of consciousness (light) that together sustain us. Associations represent a matrix of focal points that both individually and collectively stem from the intentions, i.e. desires, emerging from a particular time line.*** Geometry’s origins are held within the design boundaries of a creative intent. The ability to see without seeing and know without knowing by means of the intuitive imagination is key to the process of rethinking, recalibration, retuning and reconstruction. It is typical of the design process that all things appear to change, but in essence remain the same when observed within the parameters of a greater intelligence. 
*** Timelines re-present a fundamental direction (-), i.e electric charge, by forming a base vector (designation) from which an attraction (+), i.e. magnetic field, can be generated. The resonance created between states vibrates at a frequency to where substances of plasmic origin appear to emerge from out of no-where (0) and into a series of geometries/patterns (1) never before seen or experienced. Plasma is being attracted towards and into a magnetic field therefore bringing "substantiation" to the original impulse. 

The original impulse appears in the form of an electric surge. Plasma in turn becomes substantiated and made "manifest" by means of attraction (+). These "elements" together create the magnetic field from which energy patterns, i.e. geometries/ networks/matrixes are created. These patterns congeal into "form" by sharing their substance in the form of energy thereby perpetuating their "state" of awareness. Geometry attracts and takes-on the "qualities" of the moment (time) and substance (space). Together they join with other patterns while simultaneously striving to harmonically sustain their presence within the greater context (field) from which they emerged. 

A sine wave symbolizes the design process as a pulse in the form of a direction (meaning/purpose). This charge carries with it amplitude that changes and adapts to every situation (context) in which it can be found (aware) and/or experienced (consciousness). This awareness is made manifest (form) by virtue of its geometry (patterns of energy, light and information).

The integration of emotion and purpose create a field ripe with creativity. Needs can be easily fulfilled and desires better satisfied by expanding upon the virtues of a complex field filled with diversity, i.e. iterations surrounding a common chord vibrating at different octaves, ex. diversity within species. These are just some of the potential opportunities that can be found by means of individuation and permutation. Patterns become singled out and new awareness’ distinguished from others. Design brings significance to every united expression. Design affords an identity to every form of energy, light and information finding relevance in a universe of our own making.

Note: The intuitive imagination is an integral part of the vibrational field we describe and perceive as the mind. It has a macro origin and micro affect within the context of an Intelligent universe. From humanities POV frequencies, i.e. light, energy, information, appear divided into body, mind, emotion and spiritual "experiences". In actuality they are micro expressions (fields) stemming from more expansive origin, i.e. context. 

A "conscious" universe, i.e. Intelligence, affects human evolution. Awareness is generated by what could be described as an "intuitive imagination" triggered and felt by our mind and emotions. This same awareness is instrumental in initiating an idea and driving it to resolution or completion. These are also the characteristics of a primordial "Source" aptly described as Kama Manas. 

Evolution is experienced as a wave. It appears as a perpetual fluctuation between extremes (wave forms) while retaining a meaningful and purposeful direction. The "matter" generated from this balancing process about a "base line" that initiates the wave. This direction can be represented as a point, or dot (particle of substance/matter), designed to meander throughout a universe (context) where it has been purposely located, i.e. created, a universe made to be experienced from the POV of a "body"of energy, light and information. Please take note of the many holographic universes created and developed by the innate desire to do so.

"Wisdom in Knowing" is the premise upon which the future of human evolution rests. Knowing and understanding fulfill wisdom. Every moment is designed to contribute to a Universal Intelligence in which your future is composed and dependent.

Nature is re-presented in humanities desire to replenish and sustain its self by means of design. This is part of a Knowing made apparent within the macro field of a greater Intelligence (consciousness). Focusing creates a point, i.e. a dot or POV about which a consubstantial vortex is created and a “conscious substance” (plasmic energy) attracted, i.e. star stuff. Knowing requires a balance between meaning and purpose. Wisdom is a mental balancing "act" supporting of every potential idea that surrounds a concept over time and space. Wisdom includes all seed thoughts. Design is the process that chooses which idea or network of ideas, possess the potential to be inappropriate for the situation.

The present and the past are all contained in the moment. A moment re-presents one single point (POV) of awareness in a vector's timeline, i.e. path. A timeline eventually returns upon itself while centered about a its own field (context) of influence, i.e. soul. Such a journey takes on a spiral path. This is part of the essence and wisdom of "Knowing". Wisdom in Knowing opens the door to a designed consciousness.

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