December 21, 2015

Design Metaphysics: Qualia

Conceptual impressions originating from this writing are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument, network or post.

Awareness is an integral part of both the observed and the observer. The inability of science to see what is apparent is not the fault of the science but rather the lack of light brought forward by the observer.

“Consciousness is being”

The concept of qualia attempts to describe an amalgamation of subjective impressions that together give rise to sensual response. The concept of “I” or "being-ness" appears to be part of a subjective reality inaugurated within the constraints of a conceptual framework that is more felt than understood. Such feelings of awareness are typically categorized in the form of experiences that seem to emerge from within a virtual soup of unknown origin. Why do certain experiences make an impression upon us and others do not? Is there a certain degree of importance we bring to every experience, or do we seem more sensitive to certain circumstances or situations than others? Are there certain degrees of consciousness harbored within the concept of qualia that we seem to ignore?

Ideas surrounding the concept of “I” bring focus/attention/awareness to an introspective and self contained reference seemingly created within a virtual context of our own making. Concepts surrounding consciousness better align themselves with quantum, i.e. symbolic/design thinking, than classical linear thought. Consciousness creates a multidimensional context where awareness is made viable for meditation. Consciousness along with awareness are best understood metaphorically.  Qualia is more than a mental state and not part of a mind-body "problem", but rather a symbolically driven paradigm that shares and identifies one's level of conscious/awareness.

The concept of there being a source that interprets these impressions in the framework of thinking, sensing or feeling are reflections that justify the presence of there being an observer. Self awareness is instrumental in bringing forward/attention those symbolic associations that unify/create an individual's "observational network". Every human feeling/impression/experience participates in the creation of a multidimensional field shared with others by virtue of a collective consciousness. Each participant constitutes a particular reflection  

Consciousness has an intimate relationship with awareness, each being both dependent and independent of each other. Together they convene a dualistic relationship observed from within a linear context. bring their own sense of reality to a concept that exemplifies a quantum  Within this mysterious context individual patterns of vibratory energy appear to coagulate about a series of homologous impressions, coded/assigned/designed to vibrate patterns forms of energy subjectively associated  events and experiences. These impressions appear to emerge from a multitude of boundless resources (fields of energy) that when meshed/overlapped in the most appropriate manner, likewise establish an instantaneous recognition to the experience. 

Qualia seems to describe a certain coherency or resonance in the form of a vibratory measure of synthetic character, an amalgamation of quantum ethers locked within the parameters of a space less space surrounding the concept of being or the self. This proposition implies that there are only a small number of symbolic references (designs) that can be referred to as being the most appropriate identifiers in bringing to light what we think or believe who we are.

Our mind along with our emotions together form a degree of relevance in 3D space/time by acting in a multidimensional tandem to form a series of attractions about an etheric concept of self (spirit). Transformations between each field appear before our consciousness as a series of symbols that give individual preference to every moment made evident within a certain contextual matrix. 

Attraction harbors the potential for other forms of energy, light and information by means of a gradual metamorphosis made apparent in space/time. The wave function describes its energy “state” in the form of a particle. Unseen or unobserved states of energy (particles) harbor the potential of becoming realized by means of the function of the wave. Life which includes all forms of energy seen and unseen, are guided by the interaction between a wide range of vibratory pulsations. Forces interact and patterns naturally emerge from deep within a vibratory field of incomprehensible measure. In essence context, i.e. consciousness, means everything. It is the field in which forms emerge and time destroys. It symbolizes the field/context in which energy is made apparent and eventually returns. It harbors the concept of an omnipresence where a concept of balance and unity can be subjectively discovered and interpreted by means of design. 

"Awareness is conditioned by momentary reflections of things or symbols. It is something that can send your mind deep into further levels of understanding."
Hua Hu Ching

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December 7, 2015

A Flicker of Conscious Configuration

Meaning in the form of magnetism and purpose in the form of electricity are both attracted and repulsed within the parameters of every field of energy we recognize as being real. A dynamic phenomenon of symbolic proportions describe a holographic transformation before our very consciousness, the results of which afford a certain degree of substantiation to what we perceive as the universe. 

These spirited qualities fashion themselves about a pre-determined focal point conceptually located within what has been scientifically described as a quantum field of energy. I am of the opinion that the concept of a plasmic or etheric universe are vestiges of a virtual essence that permeates a formless infinity. Apparitions from within this endlessness appear as a series of consubstantial events based upon the qualities of an ever changing plasmic universe forever reorganizing, transforming, transmuting, adapting, reshaping, remodeling, adjusting, amending, modifying, metamorphosing, revising, transfiguring, revamping, evolving, refashioning ... and all within a process of re-designing.  In reference to 3D space/time the universe appears discernible to the senses while electric in vitality, magnetic in nature, plasmic in composition and quantum in character.

Plasma: 2 an ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons in proportions resulting in more or less no overall electric charge, typically at low pressures (as in the upper atmosphere and in fluorescent lamps) or at very high temperatures (as in stars and nuclear fusion).

The dynamics generated between magnetic fields give rise to a virtual explosion of plasmic activity appearing in the form of light, energy and matter. Together they create the rhythmic pulsations necessary for both the expansion and contractionof a virtual field of limitless awareness (energy) we perceive as consciousness. In 3D space/time these disturbances appear in the figure of holograms, i.e. images in the form of patterns (frequency and energy) that give relative "substance" to the concept of wholeness ... ideas we sometimes believe to exist beyond recognition, interpretation or understanding. We typically believe such imaginings originate from within the depths of the so-called unknown prior to their realization in form. Once imaginatively created and brought to awareness the intangible becomes tangible and the unknown known. Symbolic in content and intangible in origin the purpose of design is to bring meaning to this creative process.

Question: Can we ever be sure of anything once believed to be true?

A multitude of vibratory co-incidences attract and sometimes congeal about a central and common source, i.e. a focal point. At times this frequency (presence) may remain hidden from the observer's POV. Each individual pattern vibrates within the parameters of its own field while remaining in harmonic union with a greater central core found to be the wellspring of its vibration, i.e. a flicker if you will that brings the spark of Life (animation) to a substantial awareness (presence) rarely seen yet always felt. What appears to be a fleeting stream of consciousness brings "light" to every event incorporated within the field of observation. And within every event are gathered the experiences of every dimension reflected and absorbed within the parametric constraints of every micro-field of consciousness (quantum entanglement).

Virtual essence lowered in its frequency, nourishing until no longer vital and brought into awareness by virtue of a limitless field of vibratory completeness, what was once considered to be a causal event is but a spark, a vibratory scintillation so timeless as to never be fully absorbed, reflected or understood.   

In 3D space/time consciousness is brought to fruition by means of a holographic illusion designed to bring a degree of significance to every experience. A Cosmic Intelligence (network) appears self-evident by means of our intuitive imagination. What appears outside and beyond understanding is but a qualified reflection of this vibratory intensity at rest in 3D space/time.


1.  Cultivate a natural flow of awareness around the concepts of synchronicity and intuition.
2.  Maximize and elevate the ordinary moments in Life.
3.  Don’t fear conflict or resistance; rather embrace it as an opportunity for a growth in awareness. Bottom line: opposition remains unavoidable. Recognize resistance for what it is, understand its nature and bring a swift and just resolution to the situation.

Change is the active result of an intention (focus) fashioned in order to bring harmony to the concepts of meaningfulness and purposefulness. Change allows one condition ... the opportunity to be fulfilled by means of another. 

The search for balance brings experience to the concept of Oneness. Harmony can be found by capturing the known and the unknown within the experience of both qualities; a multi-dimensional understanding that crosses the border between consciousness and the unconscious. A synchronistic moment can be intuitively spawned by symbolically entering the subconscious gateways that connect a variety of in-form-ative re-sources. This is an visceral experience made apparent within a quantum province known only to the observer/perceiver. 

Humanity symbolizes its actions in order to bring stability and harmony to every situation. To ideally experience the concept of Oneness humanity has been conditioned to believe that every event and experience should immediately complement another ... no matter what the dimension. The Universe however, presents itself within its own accord in the form of events that actively change the spectrum of its own internal field, while ideas surrounding the concept of any one other kind of singularity are merely human derivations viewed from within the dimensional constraints of 3D space/time. Design is instrumental in the creation of ideas that both simulate and correspond to what we believe moves in accordance to this greater Universal consciousness.

To be out of balance is an integral part of the process of becoming.  Change is intrinsic to the activity of finding harmony between alternatives. 

Truth + Love = Beauty

Design harbors the appropriate symbolic arrangement between contrasting events and experiences. The concept of Beauty changes by virtue of the information made evident to the observer. Beauty brings to consciousness a significant moment in the form of an experience or event that time cannot destroy.

A meaningful moment is a sign from the universe, i.e. an affirmation created and designed by means of our own perception and interpretation of an event or experience. We each bring to light a certain quality (pattern and/or series of patterns) in this conceptual universe and either consciously or subconsciously reinforce these patterns by means of what we design. 

Synchronistic events appear as symbolic guideposts meant to direct our focus towards a noteworthy aspect of our own consciousness. In essence we are reinforcing the importance of bringing into balance certain qualities we share with the universe.

A synchronistic moment can be easily compromised by rationally viewing its meaning merely as a series of coincidental events.

Beyond the wisdom of how to live are the beliefs we hold within the parametric constraints of what we interpret as our mind and our emotions (Kama Manas). Contradictions and conflicts can be resolved by superimposing a certain ephemeral "condition" to trump every other thought or feeling.

Design allows for the navigation into the unknown while still remaining focused about a central experiential core. In this fashion the observer flourishes by nature of being the creator of his/her own resource, i.e. self consciousness. 

Mind is what its source believes it to be. Exploration of being implies a curiosity of sensory proportions.

… language appears as a system of symbols written or spoken in order to embrace a boundless range of meanings and purposes (designs).  Realities that exist within the constraints of language are holographic in character yet can be discovered beyond the sounds we hear and the forms we see.

“I believe the world is made up of language.”
Terence McKenna

Consciousness can be reconfigured within the parametric constraints of any plasmic, i.e.virtual field ... and is entirely in-dependent upon its POV. Consciousness in 3D space/time has the tendency to separate, categorize and label that which is universal, omnipresent and virtual in character.

“We need a feeling of unity not an ideology.”
Terence McKenna

Each categorization acts as a filter configured about every associative dynamic generated between systemic “elements”, e.g. humans, animals, planets, galaxies, molecules, atoms, bosons, fermions, lines, circles, etc. Each configuration separates the whole (field) into a matrix of constituent parts that both individually and collectively give meaning to every purpose and a purpose to every meaning. Every categorization characterizes a design into one that supports a particular meaning and purpose within a greater domain at-large. 

Forms qualify their experience by virtue of design. Humans typically identify with filters built within the constraints of every belief system. Humanity sincerely believes in mind’s purpose and rarely inquires into the meaning in support of its actions.

“We’re in a conscious evolution not as an act of super-human will but of an enduring commitment to a world in which life is respected, wisdom honored and the quality of our presence is more important than our sprint to the finish line.”

A system is created by means of a shared set of frequencies between structural “qualities”.  Each substructure, e.g. boson, atom, nuclear particle, etc. harbors the potential for joining and/or uniting with an-other element of “like kind”. Due to the shifting medium we perceive as the universe all forms are but temporary aberrations due to light derivation.* Every element has the potential to join with other elements in the relative form of a plasmic soup that can be symbolically incorporated into every dimension of space/time. Some symbols harbor the likelihood of crossing all dimensions and are considered to be archetypal in nature (see the Platonic Solids). Such links are created by design’s eternal and timeless drive for balance and harmony. 
1. the obtaining or developing of something from a source or origin.

The concept of Oneness in part describes the activity of focusing upon an eventful moment or momentous occasion (experience) made within the context of a virtual field of everlasting change. In essence there is little permanence in support of the concept of Oneness other than what is attributed to it by means of the observer's own imagination.

The concepts of meaning and purpose are veiled within every form of the universe. Every desire (electric) brings an impulse towards expansion and/or exploration or regression and/or seclusion. Creativity is generated by impulses that due to natural intervention provide an untold number disturbances within a contextual field of symbolic reference.

Balance is acquired through the compilation of a number of patterns that are multidimensional and symbolic in quality. Higher frequencies demand a quicker response, co-join more readily and are compelled to bring greater balance to every field. The contextual field we describe as the unconscious appears to be chaotic and disorderly, i.e. a conceptual state where any concentrated focus (intention) seems to emerge as a causal/consubstantial event. Concentration within the parameters of 3D space/time takes the appearance of a spiraling event when viewed within the conceptual embodiment of an energy-in-motion (e-motion) ... and where meaning rather than intention purposely qualifies it. Design brings forth the essence in support of the concept of Kama Manas.

Change accelerates within the field of its own origination. These changes appear as a profusion of consubstantial events in the midst of either expanding or contracting. Design brings an awareness to every situation by silently substantiating those hidden intentions that bring support to all appearances. The Cosmos is a vibratory field of conscious potential. Design affords the means to allow consciousness the opportunity to connect all universes into a unified Singularity by virtue of a single Word (patterned vibration). In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Spirit, and the Word was Spirit, and the Word was made flesh by design.

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