September 13, 2015

Design in the New Age: The Integration of Multi-Dimensional Fields

Consciousness appears before our awareness as a reflection within the dimensional fields of a parametric universe we've enclosed and labeled in space/time. Body, mind and spirit appear as vibratory patterns confined within the observational constraints of this multidimensional awareness. The quantum universe as labeled, is virtual in character. Awareness brings to the fore an intention that appears to emerge from within a consubstantial soup. In essence we identify, formulate and label this experience as being an integral part of all that is. Vibratory in character, electric in formation and mental in substance energies attracted to the prevalence of this emanation contribute to what appears to be a pattern of harmonious occurrences stemming from both known and unknown origins.

Such a phenomenon can be found permeating the parametric constraints and fabrications of dimensional space/time throughout all universes. Hidden in origin and universal in character this mysterious sequence of events remains intrinsic to the concept of a single consciousness identifiably being both the creator and the observer of its own events and experiences. The human intuition is likewise spurred on by this same desire, i.e. urge, which is to bring to fruition this same homologous consciousness to Life within the "physical" parameters of 3D space/time. 

Such an impulse is holographic in character and appears as an interference pattern made conscionable by means of a specific dimensional framework within conceptual space/time. Upon generation as an idea every intention/desire finds and/or discovers a calculable resistance within the context of its own identifiable playground. Due to the many formative oppositions inherent in every quantum field of mixed tidings the original intent eventually weakens due to an  an inherent resistance common to every field of virtual energy. Each and every impulse retains a certain degree of malleability when contained in the moment therefore allowing each momentous event to be a causal experience in its own right. Every intention, i.e vibratory projection, responds differently within the contextual constraints of every dimensional experience *... typically the lower the frequency the more impermeable the form.

* In reference to human consciousness every intention has an etheric, mental, emotional and physical response to every experience. It is important to understand that these characteristics are merely categorizations, i.e. labels of a common primal/elemental source that by virtue of a designed consciousness, demands that a sense of harmony and balance always prevails. 

Patterns of energy emerge as the product of a series of multidimensional and intermingling vibratory interferences found somewhat discernible within the medium in which a source appears to originate. It is at this juncture that the concepts of meaning and purpose appear as a common singularity. Energy, light and information transpire in space as an exchange and/or discharge of energy, light and/or information from which further associations are either generated and/or eliminated.

At times these attractions and repulsions appear as a string of events (experiences) within this conscionable field of multi-dimensional energy. Each event becomes a fractal contributor to a swirling motion (vortex) that is part and parcel of a greater universal dynamic. Desire (emotion) leads the way by altering every cycle within the conceptual infrastructure of time and space. Every intention of life spirals within a toroidal framework made manifest within the context of a multidimensional soup. These formations give radiance to an identifiable pattern … a self-evolving and self sustaining presence within a consubstantial field of quantum energy.

Variations in induction, i.e. energy-in-motion (e-motion) will attract optional “states” of being (fermions) by virtue of a meandering electric re-source spurred on by timeless attractions and repulsions within the field. Objectives cannot always be fully understood and/or experienced and are typically dependent upon the perpetual fluidity inherent in every consubstantial field of virtual energy.

The solar system could be interpreted as a Birkeland current viewed from a galactic scale.

By means of an assortment of variations in induction, energy-in-motion (e-motion) will further attract optional “states” of being (fermions) by virtue of a meandering electric re-source spurred by an inherent attraction and repulsion within the field. Objectives cannot always be fully understood and/or experienced and can likewise fall victim to a perpetual fluidity that exists in every virtual field.

For humanity such experiences find their source within an atmosphere (dimension) labeled as being "quantum" in origin. The needs and desires of the species are driven by emotions (energy-in-motion) seemingly hidden within the origin of this quantum universe. Stability and assurances are dependent upon persuasions originating from both lesser and greater forces of energy, light and information that both directly and indirectly influence the desires (e-motions) of humankind.

There are cosmic inductions that need to be recognized and attended to. Realignment can cause these needs to be compromised and/or lost within the parametric influences of a more magnanimous field of energy-in-motion known as the universe.

New vibratory sequencing implies a different interpretation and understanding of what could be construed as a form of consciousness. New vibratory alignments will have differing effects upon every emotional/meaningful event being experienced.  Each pulse (frequency) can be recognized by virtue of the patterns of energy, i.e. creations made apparent within the parametric constraints of every virtual field chosen for observation.

The vortex (need) becomes a sine curve (emotional) when imposed within a field of resistant objectivity we’ve labeled as being quantum in character. The split caused by an original source (electric) has the capacity to penetrate any concept of coherence produced by the holographic interpretation and conceptual understanding of space/time.

A single desire can pierce the membranaceous parameters of every field of energy in relative space/time, this results in splitting the concept of Oneness into Twoness. From the POV of the observer having substantiated the presence of the particular field being effected, said energy appears to have emerged from beyond the vastness of the Unknown. Fields have been united creating a more magnanimous outreach in which all participants share and experience the concept or being/presence. Together they give expression to the concept of Life encircling a common source (DNA) but which is actually a compilation of many "sources" all being focused upon the experiences of a common presence. ** In 3D space/time Life appears before consciousness within the parameters of a very simplistic framework of expansion and contraction, i.e. duality. 

** The concept of singularity is limited in understanding by virtue of the parameters and constraints surrounding one's own consciousness, i.e. field, ring-pass-not.  Every source is but a conglomeration of many sources and thus beyond the parameters and full understanding of human intelligence. 

The concepts of Singularity, i.e. the Tao, the Unconscious and the Unknown circumscribe a field that can never be truly understood from within the confines of 3D space/time. Change will not allow it. From this perspective Life appears as a sequence of electrical and magnetic events that from within the parameters of time, form a series of strands of energy in motion (e-motion). Electro-magnetic and consubstantial in character together they create a susceptible field of micro and macro forces from which Life appears to emerge. All such forces surface from within the conceptual depths of a universal of field of virtual potential.

The designs of Life are made conscionable by means of a series of referential patterns (archetypes) made possible within the contextual setting of dimensional space/time. The absence of time affords the background for the actuality of a conceptual permanence from which ideas can flourish. Ideas (de-signs) born from this multi-dimensional presence both support and circumvent the concept of Universe.

Shanta Gabriel

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