April 22, 2014

Separation is All Inclusive

The concept of duality is a constant. It is a methodology used to measure the immeasurable, bring order to chaos and a sense of permanence to uncertainty. The concept of duality sustains a flow of energy by means of seeking a perpetual balance between dissimilar elements. This phenomenon permeates the Universe. When oscillating at high frequencies meaning and purpose appear to be in harmonious agreement with each other from a point of view of an observer. However, when vibrating at a lower vibrational frequency the same idea, i.e. singularity, appears as two individual and separate interpretations of the same energy source. The original vector, i.e. energy-in-motion, becomes diffracted into two equally apparent frequencies that share a common origin. The concepts of meaning and purpose are classifications that qualify the symbolic emergence of an unknown source perceived and interpreted solely by each individual observer. The observation is made from within the parametric constraints of the quantum field in which each point-of-view (POV) is taken.   

Duality has a conceptual origin that has materialized as an "idea" meant to accommodate and harbor the expansion and materialization of consciousness. Duality contributes to the relevance and parametric framework of every field of virtual awareness made quanta-fiably apparent within the context of the Universe. In Reality there are no separations and no true breaks between universes, there is only the purposeful application, utilization and recognition of a polarizing and significant interpretation of a series of events and/or experiences appearing within the constraints of a relative space and/or time. 

The notion of an "observer" is first realized when a position (point) is intentionally placed into context, i.e. a field. For purposes of reference, knowledge and expansion the idea of a field will seem to appear instantaneously. Likened to the concepts of meaning and purpose, the point and the field appear to be one in the same while still remaining independent of each other (see Kama Manas). A field is imaginative and virtual in character. A field surrounds every focus. A field facilitates the option to bring into harmony every situation both internally and externally, i.e. consciously and subconsciously. The field we understand as consciousness is dependent upon patterns of association, e.g. geometries that exist within the parametric constraints and influences of an original source. An imaginative center conceives and brings into evidence every original event or experience.

The concept of a beginning point, which includes all the geometries that surround the field in which it is positioned, is a product of human intelligence. By means of symbolic correspondences, i.e. design, a penetration and expansion into the unknown can be dutifully managed and explored. This process is made apparent by symbolic means. Design brings light to darkness by the virtue of correspondence. Human intelligence is both observer and participant, i.e. co-creator, within the field of a greater Intelligence permeating the Universe.

By design a conceptual independency has been created between the point and the field (line) that allows for every abstraction to become generated and malleable by means of the imagination. This is accomplished by giving rise to an array of associations made in reference to a common source or central point, i.e. a conceptual field designed to freely harbor any significant relationship between potential ideas.

Fields of quantum energy emerge and recede from the virtual space we innately recognize as the Universe, i.e. the unknown. Separation is merely a matter of reference, a concept purposely created and made apparent for knowledge’s sake. Likened to the pointless point, the concept of separation has been designated for purposes of self-inquiry and investigation.

The idea that one can enlarge consciousness beyond the concept of duality is somewhat of a misnomer due to constraints that are inherent to space/time. One merely broadens awareness by means of diversification and expansion into a quantum field that harbors the same Oneness from which the concept of duality had emerged. Each progressive step exists within the conceptual framework of a common virtual field, i.e. a Universe that appears unknown when “separate” from its self and while engaged in the quest of knowledge.

Without duality the concept of Life would be non-existent in the Universe. Without correspondences all would be motionless, no expansion, no change, no Life. Duality gives reference to a conceptual framework necessary for the expansion of a Universe we intuitively comprehend as being an integral part of a greater consciousness.

A position of being either positive or negative is merely an idea stemming from within a conceptual framework given precedence by means of the imagination. Likewise, time “separates” each dimension into its most appropriate timeline while referencing an all-encompassing Oneness without separation. Events and experiences can be found in every dimension as energy, light and information making quantum leaps between linear and cyclical time. This occurs during every period of transition from dimension to dimension, timeline to timeline and universe to universe.

The most intimate understanding of this principle becomes immediately apparent when we attempt to view our own concept of reality from both a subjective and objective position and from both a waking and dreaming state of consciousness. Time changes radically in its attempt to corral the events and experiences of Life into “moments” of awareness. Time is key as it actively participates in Life’s, i.e. Consciousness’ perpetual quest for balance.

Within the midst of every event and experience the concept of separateness remains … if you want it to. It is part of an innate drive to follow your own path, i.e. design, towards your own distinct knowledge and understanding of the Universe (self). This single desire separates you from all others as it should and as it must be. By means of design the concept of separation has the innate capacity to overcome the very idea that it actually exists. Know for a fact however, that balance triumphs all.

Consciousness is an all-inclusive concept. Consciousness exists beyond, yet is firmly rooted in the constraints and parameters of every belief system. Consciousness is virtual in nature, conceptual in context and imaginary in content. Consciousness harnesses Life in a fashion that remains hidden until revealed to its self by itself by means of design. 

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April 4, 2014

Design Metaphysics: Genesis - The Point and the Line

We begin with an immeasurable point, a symbol of unification representing the unseen, the unknown, oneness, infinity, the Tao, wholeness and singularity. The point locates an origin that is androgynous in essence and biotic in character. The point re-presents the concept of a timeless infinity made purposely discernible solely for the sake of acquiring knowledge and awareness. The point represents a primordial Source that incorporates both everything and nothing. By design a single point embraces the concept of a seed (feminine) circumscribing its own inherent potential. The point is a universal symbol that can be readily imagined, created and positioned anywhere within the relatively dynamic field of space/time. It is a position-less point that serves as a reference that can be found within every virtual field, e.g. geometric, mental, emotional, physical, psychological etc. A point is an abstract proposition designed to substantiate the concept of a single source located within the context of a theoretical vacuum of significant content. A point substantiates the beginning of a metaphysical and nonrepresentational process of motion by representational means. The entire process is made relevant by design.

The concept of a "point" is a symbolic tool of origin designed and imagined for the purpose of expanding the virtual field of the observer.

That which supports the point as representing a symbolic “beginning” of creation, scientific or otherwise, is founded upon constraints that are intrinsic to the human observer. All known forms of energy, light and information are substantiated by humanity in reference to an internal matrix (DNA) seemingly veiled within the parametric constraints of a virtual field of quantum energy. This proposition also implies that the Source at the center of every "universe" likewise embraces every individual and collective perception of reality imaginable. 

Fundamental relationships created between fields of varying magnitude can be readily perceived, identified and labeled by means of a dynamic system of meaning and purpose we ourselves have propagated into relative space/time. We innately know this field exists from a point made in reference to an original unknown. We've interpreted and symbolically labeled this corresponding point within ourselves to be the soul. We each designate and imagine ourselves living in a conceptual framework, i.e. universe while simultaneously confined within the experiences and events of 3D space/time (duality). We willingly view this situation as an observer (point) positioned symbolically within the parametric constraints (virtual field) we've construed as our own reality.

The concepts of light and dark have no reference to good or evil, but are merely two opposing agents used to symbolize a set of self determined positions that in turn circumscribe the parametric boundaries of a virtual field of energy, light and information, i.e. consciousness. The Universe is innately benevolent in character, symbolically apparent and an expression of Absolute Intelligence. Our concept of the soul is an active and vital projection, i.e. idea, of this same Intelligence.

“The universe looks less and less like a great machine and more and more like a great thought.”
Sir James Jeans

The concept of a universe along with its composite multiverses, cannot be known or discovered in its entirety by any single agent that occupies and/or contributes to its reality, i.e. substantive materialization in relative space/time. Each universe, i.e. agent, brings recognition and significance to its own position and likewise the inherent potential of contributing to a variety of geometric conjunctions that along with other universes, "condition" space/time. Collectively the universe is both felt and comprehended as energy, light and information flowing from one situation, i.e. position or state of being, to another. 

The Beginning of a Process

An indeterminable point is "positioned" at the beginning of every design. A quantum matrix of events and experiences are symbolically oriented about this common mystery, i.e. source, that exists beyond every belief system designated to categorize and/or interpret it.   

The pointless point of penetration that appears to emerge from under the surface of every virtual field of quantum energy can be likened to the human desire to expand in consciousness. The point is projected (desire supported by intent) into a virtually unknown field. Upon penetration the point immediately becomes a vector (line) brought into new awareness by means of its own internal impulse, i.e. frequency, as it resonates to the context (field) in which it is absorbed. At this very instant there appears to be a quickening. What was once an immeasurable compulsion has now become the beginning of a measurable force (event) leaning towards greater expansion and further manifestation ... if desired.

The desire for expansion first appears as a concept. This urge appears both in the form of a thought and a feeling (Kama Manas). It seems to emerge from an innate drive to know the unknowable. Such a desire and intention is inborn, intuitive and an aspect of an intelligence spurred on by recognizing its own inquiry towards self-knowledge. 

Imagine if you will that you take the position of an observer within a virtual field that reaches beyond your imagination. You innately realize that any effort to find the end or conclusion to this etheric vastness results in returning to a slightly changed perspective (POV). By the end of every journey you soon become aware that you’ve harbored a set of limitations to every experience and to every form presented you. In time you become aware of an unknown presence that rests deep within. In time you become cognizant to what has been described as a “ring-pass-not”. In time you realize that time and discernment are benevolent contributors in your quest towards self-realization.

Your pointless position rests within the parameters of a dimensional membrane capable of adapting to the changing flows of energy that both surround and center you. You find yourself capable of “being” anywhere you desire at a moments notice while still existing within the constraints of a perpetually changing field of virtual energy you've defined as reality. You sense the timelessness inherent in your own being.

Forms emerge out of nowhere simply because you've noticed; holographic images appear in the light while simultaneously vanishing into the darkness before you. How do they enter and exit this field I hold so dear to my heart? Do I let them?

You observe your being in a different context than that of others. Looking outside you sense patterns that move your field and every element that shares in its form and creation. You respond. Your pointlessness takes another position in reference to that which only you can sense and observe. You are an intimate participant in the very quantum field you've discovered and watched yourself observing. By design you eventually find the portals between what you thought you believed in, knew and understood within an unknown you never knew existed.

This is energy-in-motion (e-motion) being disguised within the constraints of a dualistic field that over time eventually becomes realized as being a reflection of its-self. Appearing to be linear in quality and intellectual in content desire will always find a degree of resistance within the field of its own projection.

The concept of the point (unit) fractures into a variety of frequencies when meeting substantial resistance. The particle becomes the wave. (Note: All virtual fields of energy are composed of substances that reflect the qualities inherent to the field observed. Some substances and their accompanying fields are denser than others, ex: air, liquid, gas.) Together and in conjunction with other substances, each field harbors similar patterns stemming from a common yet unbounded source. They're known to be archetypal in quality.

A catalytic event, i.e. or “quickening” if you will, between desire and intention occurs at the most appropriate meeting of time and space (dimension), aka a synchronistic event. It is a situation where the point (energy-in-motion) penetrates a virtual field chosen for contextual reference, self-reflection, manifestation, observation and/or expansion.

The context (field) in which a vector (e-motion) is observed determines the contrasting elements between particle and wave, light and dark, yin and yang. What was once an immeasurable singularity (point) has become a measurable duality (form) made manifest within a field of virtual (quantum) energy purposely designated for further expansion in awareness.    

Each element attracts and repels the other creating a expanding and contracting spiral of energy-in-motion. Each is innately designed to contain, connect and convey a mutual attraction for each other. Such a spiral mimics a blueprint harbored in a limitless field never before made apparent or conscionable. Realizations are achieved by means of the purposeful creation of a contextual field where a concept can be reflected upon and made manifest in the form of an idea/s. 

The point is the seed, the source, the concept that harbors the desire and will to know. A point in motion creates the line. The line (vector) appears electric (-) as it penetrates the unknown. Its focus creates an attraction, i.e. a magnetism (+) that entices the substances to "form" and spiral about its electrifying impulse (intention). Like moths being captivated by a light source, other correspondences between substances begin to emerge, each encircling the same mysterious core in its own unique way. All points are in perpetual motion. Some "materialize" into more complex forms. Some do not. All agents collectively harbor the matrixes (potentials) that stem from a single unknown desire hidden within the mystery of an original source. 

The vector attracts substances of like kind. The vector acts as a core about which substances are attracted. The vector acts as the center about which form, i.e. patterns, holographic images, geometry, DNA, etc. can mass and assemble. The vector becomes a new potential source, i.e. center, for movement and expansion. The vector becomes a center for the collection of "ideas" relating to an original concept. The vector has become a central attraction for every substance that resonates to its vibration. The vector responds to the density of those substances that characterize the qualities of the virtual field being infiltrated. Variations surrounding the original intent (desire) are made known as change within the quantum field being observed. Substances attracted to the central vector become polarized, which in turn contribute to the formation of their own virtual field (microcosm). The quantum substances that are attracted to every virtual idea (micro) in time/space are subject to the same universal laws that permeate the dimensional field (macro) from which they are cast. 

All that might be considered a part of any One singularity are complimentary components of a quantum field born as result of the resistance to ideas stemming from an original concept. While emerging from within the depths of a quantum soup some ideas reach a critical mass and "materialize" into their own identifiable systems of energy. Each form is the reflection of a geometric pattern. Each form symbolizes an incalculable point of energy, i.e. quality in its own right. Each form becomes a designed “agent”, i.e. a contextual point, center, unit, source and vector along with other kindred proxies. These agents give relative form to a quantum field by means of enhancing the potential for further manifestation (correspondences) created solely to symbolize a particular self- embodiment. In essence, the design process is both linear and cyclical as it is represented in 3D, 4D and 5D space/time.  

Ideas are holographic forms patterned about concepts originating from within the pointless and limitless depths of the unknown.

A unified field embodies its desires by means of design. A unified field mimics its own reality. Reality lies hidden in the unconscious, which in essence is a field that attempts to qualify its own pointlessness.

Energy, light and information begin as projections stemming from an unbounded center of origin in relative space/time. A point in motion takes-on the qualities of a vector (direction and magnitude) upon escaping the enclosure of the androgynous ovule, which in turn causes disruption within the virtual field of penetration. These vectors are causal in nature. Their impressions create wave-like disruptions within the field/s of introduction. Formations of light, energy and information are made manifest as a result of the events, i.e. interferences, that polarize the substances that give relevance to every quantum field. Within the origin of every singularity are the intangible concepts and theories that propel its blueprints (DNA) into manifestation, i.e. reality.  

All forms of relative “matter” are patterned about a reality brought to awareness by means of agents that together give relative form and structure to each individual pattern of energy, light and information. Together they arrange, configure and give meaning and purpose to a central existence and innate authenticity deeply hidden in the unknown. All consciousness has been birthed from a single common origin, i.e. a Oneness mirrored in its own creation by means of design.

Consciousness becomes individualized by virtue of the contextual field that surrounds one's desires. The more an agent becomes conscious, i.e. individualized by virtue of self-awareness, the closer it approaches its own understanding of the concept of singularity, i.e. Oneness. For humanity these realizations are reflected and made apparent by means of a series of synchronistically designed events and experiences fashioned into 3D, 4D and 5D space/time.

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