March 13, 2011

Selective Permeability

Each individualized level of systemic awareness has a degree of control over frequencies that are allowed to impact its field of consciousness, thereby affecting both its internal matrix along with the network in which it has its being. Energy that participates in the structure of any virtual field of potentiality can, to a certain degree, enter the veiled membranaceous boundary of another field of consciousness, the manner by which is dependent upon the level of resonance between quantum wavelengths shared between fields. Whether these relationships are active or passive is dependent upon the situation in which these associations occur.

The transfer of energy from a virtual state to “reality” appears as a symbolic transmission that is entirely dependent upon the circumstance being encountered. Some situations appear to be measurable, i.e. quantifiable and tangible, others are not. For example, a major catastrophe can be measured in a number of symbolic ways, some of which are physical in character while others are emotional and mental in quality. These affects can be both felt and measured within the constraints of each interpretation, an understanding that depends upon the symbolic relationship between the transmitter and its receiver.

The focus of concentration has a major influence upon the transfer of energy, i.e. information. Internal (subjective) or external (objective) perspectives vary and therefore have a variety of influences upon the vitality of the information transferred and shared between fields of consciousness. The melding of energy between fields, virtual or otherwise, will naturally become dependent upon the qualities of intensity and absorption, i.e. attentiveness and/or sensitivity between fields. This in turn, affects the level of awareness made through symbolic means.

Little effort appears necessary to make energy conscionable as typically reflected in the every day activities we tend to define as reality. This is because our own consciousness is an integral part of a greater system of consciousness we symbolically share with other systems. In order to attain such a complex level of awareness, a certain degree of balance is necessary solely in order to adapt to every situation instantaneously.

This is accomplished by actively seeking the most appropriate accommodations for change within the constraints of three-dimensional time/space. These “potentialities’ are symbolically presented to our consciousness both in our waking and sleeping states. Consciousness responds with the purpose of retaining a balance within the context of these experiences, i.e. situations; experiences that have been brought to awareness both consciously and subconsciously.

What appears to be “virtual” remains within the subconscious sphere of our awareness. What appears to be “real” is a symbolic representation of the same.

This balancing act can be characterized as being both active and passive. Consciousness appears to be the product of a multitude of awareness’ of differing character, i.e. frequency. Fields of consciousness are connected and in all cases interwoven into other fields of consciousness that share common threads of awareness. These links are symbolically created by design. The relationship some people have with animals, plants or groups people are examples of this symbolic and sometimes intimate connection.

Basically the intensity measured as the transfer of quantum energy from one level of consciousness to another is fundamentally an assessment of its wavelength, i.e. frequency, measured symbolically at mental, physical and emotional levels of awareness. You are that to which you resonate.

“… particles that make up the manifest aspect of reality are not little mass points, like tiny balls of matter, but waves: more exactly, standing waves. They are described in quantum physics by wave function. All visible order in the universe is determined by the rules that govern the interference of these waves.”
E. Laszlo

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