October 3, 2017

Transcendence: Movement Towards a Collective Ideal

A waveform is an aspect of awareness. When we observe an event we typically formulate that event into a series of experiences. These experiences are interpreted by means of a group of belief systems or patterns that together condition the phenomenon being observed. In other words every explanation of what consciousness might be is actually an elucidation taken from a subjective position of what might appear to be an objective event. There exists a quality of awareness that is made cognizant of its self by means of the events that seemingly emerge before its own presence. These events can be “measured” to be mental, emotional, physical or "spiritual" in character. In essence all forms and events are vibrational, only frequency causes a variation in perception and interpretation.

The aftermath that surrounds these circumstances can allow some forms of energy to appear more “conscious” than others. This perspective is based upon a dimensional re-presentation (hologram) ... an impression or feeling stemming from a concept longing to be considered real within the subjective confines of the observer. This impression is merely a fragment of a wider expression and interpretation (consciousness) believed to be a resource for all phenomena.
Humanity personalizes the unknown into categorical qualities, i.e. symbols that together might be metaphorically interpreted as a god, assembly of gods or combination of both. 

These interpretations are based upon limited re-sources, perceptions, uncontrollable conditions and other mingled POV that together give a blurry yet somewhat subjectively recognizable clarification to every situation. These types of interpretations are housed/positioned within an oscillating, parametric field connecting a vast array of multidimensional expression in the form of consciousness. These interpretations and observations will likewise change when influenced and/or confronted by other experiential events presented in space/time.

In reference to our “mind’s eye” these forms, i.e. objects appear to be real. We describe each form or pattern within the framework of 3D space/time either as a wave or particle. Mind you these impressions are the subjective expressions of energy in motion as viewed by an observer. These imaginings are merely designs, i.e. labels filled with meaning and purpose that we impart upon them. We afford ourselves by means of the imagination, a solution to the condition of not knowing by assigning a kind of subjective knowing created solely in order to function within the constraints, i.e. frequencies of 3D and 4D space/time. These limitations enter into every situation by means of the observer/designer. The observer becomes the point, the dimensionless center, the unknown source, the creator about which every multidimensional apparition is formed and finds its place in every dimension and every fragment of time ... it is the feeling of an awareness, i.e. knowing, appearing both before and beyond consciousness.   

Awareness is a function of consciousness. Design is the process by which we transform this awareness into wholeness, continuity, fragmentation and separation solely in order to bear witness to the orchestrations of life.

Ideas need to be linked and modeled after the natural environment. Many ideas have been incorrectly replicated. Some have become toxic for many species, which includes the planet itself. These events require every designer to become mind full of their thoughts, emotions and actions. Integrity is key.

New design awareness is substantiated by means of matching vibrational patterns in a fully integrative manner based upon intention, pattern and trajectory. Together they give meaning and purpose to every design directive. These steps help describe and bring a casual identity to a particular kind of awareness that is functioning within an infinite ocean of consciousness. Awareness can be classified as being the relationship between your soul and your ego. Each has a meaning and a purpose. And it is within this vast field of contrasting identifiers that design choices are made. By means of your intention, the patterns (forms) and paths you choose to fulfill those intentions are made to support you in your journey and keep you on your path. 

Each intention rides upon the wave of desire. Each intention will have both an effect and an affect upon the fabric of your universe. Design is instrumental in managing the interface between every domain due to the desire to expand upon the consciousness of every observer/perceiver by means of awareness. Design’s province remains at a level where what isn't sensed is often the most influential. In reference to human consciousness every pattern of energy in motion (e-motion) is fractal and holographic in nature. These forces remain invisible and at times unconscionable. These are the reflections of innate images and feelings that originate in the unconscious (universe), are brought to mind by means of the subconscious and are intuitively acted upon by the imagination. They are based upon vibration, frequency and a resonant behavior that generates the most appropriate patterns in response to the moment.

Find your truth. Know your mind. Follow your heart. Love eternal will not be denied. Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL http://designconsciousness.blogspot.com/ is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Please note … posts are continually being edited over time. Copyright © 2006-2017 C.G. Garant. All Rights Reserved. Fair Use Notice.


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