November 19, 2014

The Intuition: A Fuzzy Focus Beyond the Details

To design in a creative fashion you need to be intuitive in temperament, trust in your feelings and be sensitive to what truly affects you. Design affords you the opportunity to experience the ideals (ideas) that bring enthusiasm and joy to your life. Design brings fulfillment by means of your passion (desire) to bring into manifestation that which deeply touches you. In essence, you become a prime mover by virtue of the feelings (e-motions) that have been meaningfully brought to your attention by virtue of your intuition. By going inward you render yourself aware of the concept of singularity by virtue of the ideas, experiences and events that appear before your awareness in a space we describe as consciousness.

A tension within the realm of consciousness appears to materialize when attention is brought to any situation. Attention placed upon the differences between components reinforces the concept of duality. Attention placed upon the similarities between components reinforces the concept and awareness of an over riding singularity. A vector in time and space sustains the potential to return upon itself and consolidate into a holographic vortex (blur), i.e. a symbolic field of its own making.

Energy, light and information are held in check within the parameters of a virtual field composed of relative substance, i.e. a quantum space. The idea of inside-ness and outside-ness as it appears in the third dimension, is made discernible by means of a hologram. 

Attention and/or focus, which are attributes of observation and choice, join together by means of thought and emotion, (kama manas) to create reservoirs of energy, light and information. In essence we are observing and responding to the symbolic reflections that Life presents to us in the form of sound and vibration, thought and feeling. 

Energy, light and information can be described and perceived in the image of a particle (substance/form) and in the image of a wave (thought and feeling). These are concepts that cannot be comprehended in their entirety until circumscribed within a contextual field of space/consciousness. It is here where a concept sparked by the intuition, surrounds the potential of becoming an idea by means of the imagination. Changes in consciousness are attributable to changes in frequency and stem from the contextual framework of a universe that surrounds the parameters of the human imagination.

Every design possesses a quality and integrity all its own. Every design is forever changing within the context of a universal space/consciousness. Every design becomes apparent by means of a series of symbols located in their most appropriate positions, i.e. context/dimension. Every dimension accounts for its own design/s and likewise its own formation of consciousness, i.e. space. 

Feelings are harbored in one's intuition and given expression by virtue of one's imagination. They are also brought forward into consciousness/space by means of a blueprint ex. DNA. However, due to acoustics, i.e. context, not all transformations will accommodate the right inflection and can sometimes be lost in translation. 
Every vibration has its own pattern as does every design appearing to emerge from the virtual field of the quantum, i.e. the unknown. 

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November 8, 2014

Substantiation and the Law of Correspondences

Experiences are based upon the context in which they occur. Every event is both electric (mental) and magnetic (emotional) in quality and character. Every event and experience is of visible and invisible significance.* Each event and experience is the result of energy in motion, i.e. e-motion. Every event and experience is made discernable by means of a quantum field that surrounds a particular (particle) phenomenon. A quantum field is virtual in character, potential and condition. Evidence concerning the existence of this field is supported by the probability of it “materializing” by means of changing the state of energy to a lower or higher vibrational frequency. This change of state has been described in the form of a quantum leap.
* “Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, who studied archetypes, proposed an alternative definition of symbol, distinguishing it from the term sign. In Jung's view, a sign stands for something known, as a word stands for its referent. He contrasted this with symbol, which he used to stand for something that is unknown and that cannot be made clear or precise.”

Energy lies hidden in the substantiation of every experience and event that appears to emerge from beyond the parameters of 3D space/time, i.e. the unknown. Symbols and metaphors are used to reveal, describe and understand these qualities. In turn, such experiences and events imply the existence of an observer required to perceive and interpret them.

The universe represents a designed “state” from which all events and experiences can be symbolically substantiated. 

The concept of consciousness is a holographic representation (design) of a fractal field of energy, light and information in perpetual motion (change). Change emerges from within the conceptual depths of a boundless field, i.e. consciousness/universe as a duality whose dynamic relationship identifies it. In reference to light this concept has been described as a photon with the properties of both a particle and a wave.

The result of the union between meaning and purpose is a reflection of the ideas that encompass each quality and whose result is a relative manifestation of the relationship. You can purposely draw into every thought the feeling you desire. You can also attract your feelings about every thought you meaningfully project. Consciousness is made apparent by the virtue of design, i.e. symbolic associations that seem to emerge from boundless space, aka consciousness. In other words one might consider space and consciousness to be one in the same.

Artist's impression by Markus Gann/Shutterstock

Consciousness can be revealed and identified by means of the designs that support the ideas that circumscribe a conceptual origin.

Design uses symbols metaphorically. Design is a metaphysical paradox. Design supports the concept of metaphysics by virtue of the ideas that surround it and by means of every symbolic interpretation of energy, light and information that attempts to configure and substantiate it. Design attempts to bring a certain relevance to this conceptual hypothesis (metaphysics) by exercising the intuitive desire to bring meaning and purpose to the unknown.

"Some of the more significant reasons for this current skepticism of metaphysics are;
1. We must imagine how things are connected together - and this has led to a lot of fanciful nonsense being written because 'metaphysics is beyond our senses'.
Solution: The spherical in out waves explain this hidden causal connection of matter that is the cause of our senses. i.e. We only see the high wave amplitude wave center, not the spherical in and out waves, and this deceived us into thinking matter was a tiny 'particle'. Thus we were blind to how these discrete 'particles' were interconnected in space and had to invent 'forces / fields'.
2. Newton / mathematical physics replaced a metaphysics of substance with a metaphysics of mathematics, then discovered that our mathematical theories did not quite work (we could not unite quantum physics with Einstein's relativity) and that mathematics itself was without foundation.
Solution: Again the logical behavior of interconnected repeating wave patterns explain the source of this mathematical logic, why this is so useful in mathematical physics, while also simply uniting these two famous physics theories. 

3. These past failures of metaphysics have resulted in our postmodern world where academics are convinced we cannot correctly imagine reality. Thus all truth is cultural - socially informed constructs which are relative, evolving approximations of reality. This has led to the extremely silly and dangerous view that all truths are equal - just personal opinions really.
Solution: We all experience existing in one common space. This is a universal absolute truth. We can deduce how a spherical wave structure of matter must behave in this space and then show that this exactly matches how an electron behaves. This then explains and solves the central problems of physics. There is no opinion - this will be true for all people."

Design is masked behind a veil of "substance" while being closeted within the parameters of duality. Design is concealed within the framework and criterion of every field and dimension yet creates the tools necessary to venture into the unknown. Design offers a meaning and purpose to the greatest of all unknowns, which is consciousness itself.

Consciousness lies at the source of design and only by the Law of Correspondences can its origin be approached and/or partially revealed. 

This concept lies at the source of what has been perceived to be an intelligent design hidden within the geometry and structure of the cosmos. Intuitive in essence and symbolically presented in nature, this idea is a concept that has been generated from the very intelligence (unity/source) that originated it. By the virtue of design the intuition allows us to feel and in a sense subjectively comprehend what appears to exist beyond the illusion, i.e. hologram of an objective world. This task is accomplished by design and made apparent before consciousness by means of the intuition and our connection to the universe.

Purposely exercising one's intuition by means of design helps signify the importance of every synchronistic event.

Edited: 11.20.2014

Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Copyright © 2006-2014 C.G.Garant. All Rights Reserved. Fair Use Notice.
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