September 1, 2014

Design Metaphysics: The Field

Look to the correspondences between states in order to better define and understand the qualities of any temporal condition that can be found, identified and/or measured in dimensional space/time.   

Every formative process contributes to the broth of the universe in its own unique way. All quantum fields of energy, light and information are virtual and multi-dimensional in character.  

I am of the opinion that there exist an incalculable number of patterns of energy veiled within the potential of every virtual field imaginable and that the desire to experience this intimate phenomenon harbors the potential for everything imaginable to be realized. The veil of this virtual membrane brings stability to the universe by circumscribing all that can be known within the dimensional constraints of time and space. The desire to experience the unknown invites and brings forth a consciousness from within. Consciousness is revealed and made known to its self by means of the design paradigm.

Ideas and concepts by virtue of the imagination, seem to emerge from behind a veil that surrounds every experience, event, situation and circumstance. The field is quantum in character and always changing while simultaneously alluding to a variety of variables in response to the circumstances.

Humanity is multi-dimensional in character and possesses the ability to perceive and interpret a wide variety of circumstances simultaneously. The contexts in which these relationships appear generate a unique geometry all their own; relationships comprised of events and experiences in perpetual and conductive oscillation, i.e. change. 

Energy in motion might be considered both mentally and emotionally vibrant at the moment its intention is projected into an objective context. Electric in the sense of one's intention being purposeful and magnetic in the sense of one's intention being meaningful. Once given direction energy appears to seek balance within the parametric constraints of the contextual field in which it appears and can be observed. In the quest to find balance, i.e. Oneness, the medium becomes disturbed causing ripples (vibrations) to surface from within. The field is quantum in nature, virtual in its potential and intelligent in its demeanor. Energy, light and information together give relative "substance" to this consciousness. Design creates the context for its every catalytic event.

Energy is driven by what appears to be a magnetic desire to experience harmony between “states” of consciousness, e.g. the outside with the inside, the known with the unknown, the objective with the subjective, the Yin with the Yang, etc. Energy/desire in the form of a vector finds resistance within every medium it is projected and soon begins to circle upon itself, spiraling and oscillating within the quantum soup of the universe. Every desire, every projection eventually returns upon itself while attracting a quantum "dust" about its intention. 

Resistance increases desire wanes. Forms appear to materialize. The imagination fluctuates while weaving between parallel universes of space/time. Etheric substances from the remnants of earlier disturbances (wave forms) echo from within the ocean of the original Field. The energy of the universe appears before consciousness in the form of a particle/wave and the only variables seem contained within a dissimilar context, dimension or quantum condition. Remnants from previous states of awareness are magnetically attracted to the electricity generated by energy in motion and begin to congeal about a profusion of swirling focal points. Time and space merely measure the journey in the relative form of an objective observer weaving in and out of a series of parallel dimensions.

The context in which every quantum field is sustained is constantly changing. This circumstance allows each component (element) within the field the flexibility to break through its parameters by virtue of the attractions that present themselves outside its borders. The membrane is impermanent yet responsive to the changes within a quantum field we label reality.

Every quantum field allows energy, light and information to both enter and escape our imagination. Every field that gives composition to the quantum soup we perceive as a Universal consciousness is linked together and made apparent by virtue of a boundless paradigm we innately apprehend as design.  

The concept of a multi-dimensional field helps describe a bountiful universe stemming from the virtual world of a benevolent imagination that exists beyond the parameters of human perspective (POV). 

Life is made recognizable as energy-in-motion between categorical “states” or stages of provisional experience. All transformations heighten the potential for giving rise to what could be perceived as a “new” reality found deep within the parameters of the current moment. Time, in addition to the conceptual and holographic framework we perceive as consciousness, is founded within contexts that are designated and categorized within manageable parameters. 

Time is the by-product of a designed function being imagined, made manifest and experienced during the course of its realization. This is a quantum event communicated in the form of a multi-dimensional series of experiences in the moment. Likened to a film appearing to illustrate the motion of an object or individual via a series of still frame projections, time merely creates the thread that helps categorically create the illusion and allow for designed references between “frames”.

Consider each frame in your life's story to contain a multitude of dimensional interpretations arising from a number of perspectives, e.g. physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural etc. There are as many dimensions available for scrutiny as your imagination is capable of considering beyond the veil of a three dimensional world. This position can be achieved by means of investigating and interpreting the agents that resonate within the design parameters of your own field of awareness. 

What remains unconnected and without the light of a meaningful and purposeful intention (design), remains dormant and beyond the parameters of an imaginable universe. Each network and every universe is permeable and penetrable by virtue of it being symbolically accessible by means of the imagination. Each image gives rise to a potential for change that lies within the cocoon of every collective field of holographic consciousness.  What enters and exits the parametric membrane of our quantum field of consciousness are images we alone attribute to 3D space/time.

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August 20, 2014

In Quest of Knowing

A time of silence eventually emerges during every quest. A tipping point is approached where nothing can be said. Nothing could ever clarify, describe or explain the truth. At this point nothing needs to be said, nothing needs to be known.

Upon reflection an unknown knowing maintains its silence while the inability to feel, listen and see immediately misconstrues that which is felt, heard and discovered. Knowing possess a purity all its own complete within the constraints of its own incompletion. The universe manages to sustain itself in these truths while collectively discovering the light, love and power inherent within a field of unknown knowing.

Ill configured when viewed within dimensional parameters knowledge adds to the puzzle. Knowing attempts to contain that which is limitless and has no boundaries, a perpetual paradox made apparent to each by virtue of the many. 

Edited: 08.26.2014

Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Copyright © 2006-2014 C.G.Garant. All Rights Reserved, Fair Use Notice. 

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