August 20, 2014

In Quest of Knowing

A time of silence eventually emerges during every quest. A tipping point is approached where nothing can be said. Nothing could ever clarify, describe or explain the truth. At this point nothing needs to be said, nothing needs to be known.

Upon reflection an unknown knowing maintains its silence while the inability to feel, listen and see immediately misconstrues that which is felt, heard and discovered. Knowing possess a purity all its own complete within the constraints of its own incompletion. The universe manages to sustain itself in these truths while collectively discovering the light, love and power inherent within a field of unknown knowing.

Ill configured when viewed within dimensional parameters knowledge adds to the puzzle. Knowing attempts to contain that which is limitless and has no boundaries, a perpetual paradox made apparent to each by virtue of the many. 

Edited: 08.26.2014

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June 6, 2014

Being Aware

Be aware of the concept of cognizance. Be aware of constraints you have consciously and/or subconsciously invited into your field of awareness. Be aware of form, its power and its influence. What have you allowed to materialize before you? Are you truly disengaged? In essence, learn through experience what it means to be a true observer.

An observer oversees one's own quantum field where the essence in support of every intention is contemplated, viewed, reviewed, watched, monitored, witnessed, detected, honored, corrected, discerned, accepted and/or rejected. A true observer reviews the consequences surrounding both the expansion and contraction of a changing virtual awareness that encircles every conceptual point of self origin. All that is attracted and rejected about and within this fluctuating sphere generates its own understanding of the ideas that surround the concept of oneness.

Meaning is magnetic and emotional. Purpose is electric and mental. Form is gravitational and physical. All interpretations of the universe are symbolically embraced, i.e. designed, within a quantum realization spawned apparent by the virtues of a conceptual singularity.

Joy is found by means of observation and synthesis while weighing the contrasts between illusions. The purpose: to discover, experience and then make manifest an internal balance that lies dormant within the vestiges of the unknown.

Projections are modified into multidimensional configurations composed of patterns originating from beyond the constraints of the imagination. Frequencies increase as intentions vibrate within the parameters of a greater matrix found to be magnetically present in every cell. Every element brings its own magnificence to a puzzling collaboration of symbolic images made within the parameters of a greater magnetic field. There is an element of truth in every piece of the puzzle. 

Allowing one’s truth to become blurred is to dishonor it.

Attempting to control one’s truthful intentions in 3D space/time linearizes it. Transformation is the result of a change in symbolic translation and is by means of design, a naturally occurring and cyclic event. The path from imagination to manifestation is dependent upon the constraints reflected within every symbolic gesture (design) that substantiates every quantum event. 

Soon it becomes apparent that every quantum field needs to be interpreted collectively solely in order to prepare the soil and sow the seeds for hybridization, strength and fulfillment. Enter through the collective gateway in order to rejuvenate, discover and give precedence to experiences and events never before realized. 


Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Copyright © 2006-2014 C.G.Garant. All Rights Reserved, Fair Use Notice. 

April 22, 2014

Separation is All Inclusive

The concept of duality is a constant. It is a methodology used to measure the immeasurable, bring order to chaos and a sense of permanence to uncertainty. The concept of duality sustains a flow of energy by means of seeking a perpetual balance between dissimilar elements. This phenomenon permeates the Universe. When oscillating at high frequencies meaning and purpose appear to be in harmonious agreement with each other from a point of view of an observer. However, when vibrating at a lower vibrational frequency the same idea, i.e. singularity, appears as two individual and separate interpretations of the same energy source. The original vector, i.e. energy-in-motion, becomes diffracted into two equally apparent frequencies that share a common origin. The concepts of meaning and purpose are classifications that qualify the symbolic emergence of an unknown source perceived and interpreted solely by each individual observer. The observation is made from within the parametric constraints of the quantum field in which each point-of-view (POV) is taken.   

Duality has a conceptual origin that has materialized as an "idea" meant to accommodate and harbor the expansion and materialization of consciousness. Duality contributes to the relevance and parametric framework of every field of virtual awareness made quanta-fiably apparent within the context of the Universe. In Reality there are no separations and no true breaks between universes, there is only the purposeful application, utilization and recognition of a polarizing and significant interpretation of a series of events and/or experiences appearing within the constraints of a relative space and/or time. 

The notion of an "observer" is first realized when a position (point) is intentionally placed into context, i.e. a field. For purposes of reference, knowledge and expansion the idea of a field will seem to appear instantaneously. Likened to the concepts of meaning and purpose, the point and the field appear to be one in the same while still remaining independent of each other (see Kama Manas). A field is imaginative and virtual in character. A field surrounds every focus. A field facilitates the option to bring into harmony every situation both internally and externally, i.e. consciously and subconsciously. The field we understand as consciousness is dependent upon patterns of association, e.g. geometries that exist within the parametric constraints and influences of an original source. An imaginative center conceives and brings into evidence every original event or experience.

The concept of a beginning point, which includes all the geometries that surround the field in which it is positioned, is a product of human intelligence. By means of symbolic correspondences, i.e. design, a penetration and expansion into the unknown can be dutifully managed and explored. This process is made apparent by symbolic means. Design brings light to darkness by the virtue of correspondence. Human intelligence is both observer and participant, i.e. co-creator, within the field of a greater Intelligence permeating the Universe.

By design a conceptual independency has been created between the point and the field (line) that allows for every abstraction to become generated and malleable by means of the imagination. This is accomplished by giving rise to an array of associations in reference to a common source or central point, i.e. a conceptual field designed to freely harbor any significant relationship between potential ideas.

Fields of quantum energy emerge and recede from the virtual space we innately recognize as the Universe, i.e. the unknown. Separation is merely a matter of reference, a concept purposely created and made apparent for knowledge’s sake. Likened to the pointless point, the concept of separation has been designated for purposes of self-inquiry and investigation.

The idea that one can enlarge consciousness beyond the concept of duality is somewhat of a misnomer due to constraints that are inherent to space/time. One merely broadens awareness by means of diversification and expansion into a quantum field that harbors the same Oneness from which the concept of duality had emerged. Each progressive step exists within the conceptual framework of a common virtual field, i.e. a Universe that appears unknown when “separate” from its self and while engaged in the quest of knowledge.

Without duality the concept of Life would be non-existent in the Universe. Without correspondences all would be motionless, no expansion, no change, no Life. Duality gives reference to a conceptual framework necessary for the expansion of a Universe we intuitively comprehend as being an integral part of a greater consciousness.

A position of being either positive or negative is merely an idea stemming from within a conceptual framework given precedence by means of the imagination. Likewise, time “separates” each dimension into its most appropriate timeline while referencing an all-encompassing Oneness without separation. Events and experiences can be found in every dimension as energy, light and information making quantum leaps between linear and cyclical time. This occurs during every period of transition from dimension to dimension, timeline to timeline and universe to universe.

The most intimate understanding of this principle becomes immediately apparent when we attempt to view our own concept of reality from both a subjective and objective position and from both a waking and dreaming state of consciousness. Time changes radically in its attempt to corral the events and experiences of Life into “moments” of awareness. Time is key as it actively participates in Life’s, i.e. Consciousness’ perpetual quest for balance.

Within the midst of every event and experience the concept of separateness remains … if you want it to. It is part of an innate drive to follow your own path, i.e. design, towards your own distinct knowledge and understanding of the Universe (self). This single desire separates you from all others as it should and as it must be. By means of design the concept of separation has the innate capacity to overcome the very idea that it actually exists. Know for a fact however, that balance triumphs all.

Consciousness is an all-inclusive concept. Consciousness exists beyond, yet is firmly rooted in the constraints and parameters of every belief system. Consciousness is virtual in nature, conceptual in context and imaginary in content. Consciousness harnesses Life in a fashion that remains hidden until revealed to its self by itself by means of design. 

Edited: 4.23.2014

Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Copyright © 2006-2014 C.G.Garant. All Rights Reserved. Fair Use Notice. 
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