March 18, 2016

Energy in Motion

Emotion (energy-in-motion) can be held motionless by thought. Along with desire, this ability initiates the attraction (focus) necessary for the inception and generation of a quantum pattern in space/time. Energy in the form of light appears to congeal, i.e. materialize, about this focal point when it is made in reference to a particular desire to be experienced in space and time. 

Energy appearing in the form of light is holographic in character. When viewed in reference to a particular POV, energy-in-motion is typically modified about a particular framework (blueprint), state or density. The denser the reference point found in relative space the lower its vibration (wavelength) the less dense the higher. Likened to a spectrum of white light, every frequency is colored about a particular frequency that tends to characterize and categorize it.

Patterns of light (quanta) that enhance both the vibrational qualities of thought and emotion can likewise be characterized, categorized and therefore qualified. Categorizations are typically weighed in favor of the observer thereby allowing for a wide range of interpretation in response to every affect. However these affects may or may not support the interpretation or intent of the perpetrator.

When viewed from within the duality of 3D space/time it has been theorized that thought would vibrate at a higher frequency than emotion. When a POV is referenced beyond the constraints of linear time, the two can easily appear to become one by means of a catalytic response to a particular situation, e.g. a synchronistic event.

Thought spurred on by the imagination and fed by experience, brings forward the concept of consciousness to our awareness, which is itself an abstraction. In essence the concept of consciousness becomes realized by means of re-presenting an aspect of our own completeness in the guise of an idea. This realization is brought into light by means of a vibratory disparity caused by energy being in motion. In other words, that which appears to be real is actually a symbolic representation of a particular pattern of energy-in-motion vibrating at either a higher or lower density than that of the point of observation, i.e. the observer.

Every fluctuation of energy surrounding and "forming" our world are products of our own perception and interpretation. They appear from within an unconscious field of our own creation (origin). These vibratory fluctuations imprint a sense of awareness into the appearance of an idea or series of ideas. Together they give relevance to the concept of experience. Each impression is made apparent by means of our own senses, which is a generic expression meant to include a mental, emotional and physical mix of representations (feelings). These impressions and appearances are symbolic in character designed about a changing blueprint of our own making.

Energy-in-motion creates a quantum field of virtual potential moving at a variety of speeds, i.e. direction, amplitude and wavelength. Each "state" becomes determined by virtue of a contextual medium acting in symbolic correspondence with the observer. The apparent center or source of every field (state) remains in perpetual motion while likewise maintaining a stationary independence of its own.

“Ego-generated emotions are derived from the mind’s identification with external factors which are, of course, all unstable and liable to change at any moment. The deeper emotions are not really emotions at all but states of Being. Emotions exist within the realm of opposites. States of Being can be obscured, but they have no opposite. They emanate from within you as the love, joy, and peace that are aspects of your true nature.”
Excerpted from Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, pages 136-137
© copyright 2008-2015. Eckhart Tolle . All rights reserved. 

Energy-in-motion described as mind re-presents a vibratory frequency similar to that of the emotions. Each "state" shares their quanta (energy) through a conceptual process of consubstantiation. Every dimensional field is multi-dimensional in context and character. Every dimensional field affords an observer * the opportunity to act in conjunction with all that is conscionable and/or unconscionable. Upon attaining a harmonic juncture by means of intention, the two become one in a symbolic return to a contextual point of origin by virtue of design.

*  The concept of “observer” implies that there exists a degree of self-awareness emanating as an ability to create and/or respond to stimuli.

Every dimension harbors a wide variety of intermingling properties (impressions) characterized as being both relevant and appropriate to every situation. All vibratory states are made to coexist and correspond with other patterned formations emerging from within the parameters of every dimension imaginable. Example: Colors mix to create a wide variety of hues. No one color can be considered pure for the simple reason that every color is effected by the context in which it is substantiated. 

Humanity re-presents a quality of universal consciousness that might be considered a creation of vibratory significance. As a species humanity acts as a symbolic facilitator, a creator and/or attractor to which a wide variety of frequencies in the form of energy-in-motion are engaged, drawn and/or magnetized. The creative act is initiated by first determining its point of focus, which in essence begins the process of convergence from the abstract to the substantial.

Energy appearing in "opposition" ** to attraction creates a metaphorical vacuum, a nothingness or vacancy by designing a hypothetical anti-gravitational impression that in time will be symbolically diffused into virtual space (universe).  A conceptual drive towards universal balance and harmony disallows any sense of permanence.
** Energy is neither positive or negative, attractive or repulsive, rather energy describes a "state" in which change construed as a vibratory field is viewed from the POV of an observer. So too is the concept of consciousness. Consciousness is not necessarily dualistic in nature, but is what it is based upon the POV, i.e. "state" of the observer. Design facilitates the opportunity to bring into awareness that which at first glance appears to be hidden.

So how can balance and harmony be maintained within this tumultuous ocean we perceive as the universe? Progress remains founded upon a deep awareness of the situation while maintaining the most appropriate position (POV) for the moment. This stance implies that there must be an active awareness of the symbolic nature of consciousness made to maintain Life and perpetuate the concept of universe. 

Design represents a series of symbolic correspondences that attempt to conform within the parameters of a series of contextual events.  The ebb and flow of change should be viewed from a position of an observer striving to attain a more inclusive and significant point of view. 

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