May 19, 2015

Design in the New Age: Is it Need or Desire?

Need is the engine behind creation. Need creates the necessary focus from which distinctions can be made. Need remains the primary genesis for action. Desire pulls and pushes, expands and contracts the universe. 

Need is a causal agent and a catalyst. Desire is in perpetual motion, flow, transition and transformation. You generally assess a desire by means of a feeling (intuition) and bring that feeling into manifestation by the means of your emotions to guide you.

Every dimension of space/time harbors its own needs along with its own system of corresponding symbols to interpret and indicate certain energies being-in-motion. We generally describe this force/movement in 3D space/time as emotion. Time is merely an indicator, a marker to better trace a specific yearning brought before consciousness in reference to a need made apparent by means of our own awareness.

Desire in the form of a need creates the requisite impetus necessary for an emergence of the concept of self-awareness found to be instrumental in the realization of consciousness itself. At the center of self-awareness is a calling, a yearning in the form of a desire to experience dimensional fulfillment, completeness and wholeness within the parametric constraints of space/time. This yearning first appears as a feeling that may or may not be supported by the desire to design and/or to bring to fruition a need for balance and harmony. Design allows for the desires of the observer to be experienced by the means and the methods of its own needs and aspirations.

Design allows consciousness to be an observer of its own desires by virtue of experiencing the qualities found to support its own creations.

Detachment makes room for observation. The space and time between differences eventually accounts for the experiences that correspondingly connect them by means of design. Design opens the door to creativity and overrides the concept of linear time by methods that appear seemingly docile within the dimensional constraints of every human experience.  

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May 11, 2015

Design Metaphysics: Creating That Which You Don't Understand

You move your dreams forward by means of a series of virtues that surround and embellish a subjectively designed blueprint of your own making. Dreams appear to be more of a feeling than a thought, a mix of numinous attractions and distractions blended within the desires of a tempestuous soul. Fragments from a multitude of dimensions appear to surface before your awareness in a way that fashions senselessness into ghostly configurations of energy, light and information. 

Some have called this enigmatic space the dreamtime … a non-dimensional allusion between thoughts, emotions, feelings and the amorphous images upon which these gestural impressions are projected and imprinted. The dreamtime is a tool, a reference, a contextual movie edited to embellish invisible forces into certain symbolic representations that permeate a particular field of awareness. In dreamtime every moment shifts freely within a contextual space of our own making. Even when guided by the leanings of our own perspective dreamtime harbors a certain essence of its own that cannot be repressed within the parametric constraints of any dimension. 

Time doesn’t move through the universe … consciousness does. Time is a contextual reference, i.e. a measuring device used to focus one's awareness within the parametric constraints of a particular dimensional space. Time creates a framework for design. Design brings time to fruition by means of a network of languages and images presented in the form of symbol and metaphor. By design it is in our power to subconsciously expand upon what we think we know (awareness) by mindfully experiencing that which we do not know (unconscious).

"Dreams are symbolic in order that they cannot be understood; in order that the wish, which is the source of the dream, may remain unknown."
CARL JUNG, Psychology of the Unconscious

In dreamtime we are offered the opportunity to explore "reality" by means of symbolic definition, clarification and purification. However, only within the virtues of design can we eventually reveal to ourselves the finite contrasts and similarities between our dreams and our imaginings.

Singularity of intention brings into realization the concept of self, generates a particular point of view and likewise affords the observer an opportunity to shape, forge and create a space/time of its own imagining. Observe each event in reference to the many threads of awareness you've already discovered, experienced, perceived and accepted as real. Understand the responsibility of bringing into manifestation, e.g. 3D space/time, the imaginings of only the highest order. This is the purposeful arrangement transcribed within every human blueprint. 

“Of course it is happening inside your head...
but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

- JK Rowling

Results are measured and referenced in linear time. At times the desire to reach a designation can overpower the significance of the journey. Design allows us the opportunity to bring into balance all that we create. It is important to de-magnetize the thoughts and emotions that surround the impulse to reach a particular designation by purposely challenging that impression within the active presence of the moment. 

Awareness, i.e. any singularity of consciousness, is simply a holographic fractal within a universal awareness of prodigious proportions.
That which enters and exits the parametric membrane of every virtual field of consciousness likewise becomes a causal agent contained within a particular matrix of multidimensional time. Design opens gateways into other worlds while simultaneously appearing to be "fixed" within the parametric influences of a common center of attention. Constraints appear to emerge from within this frame of reference only by virtue of the imagination’s inability to adapt to every situation. 

Reality is designed within the fractal mix of a quantum field made accessible by means of a resourceful imagination. Constraints are active contributors to the expansion of awareness. The design process reveals itself as a figure of images and impressions that seem to appear and disappear within a holographic field of virtual light and energy. The subconscious creates a platform for the trans-formation of light and energy into a holographic pattern of in-formation to be made apparent before consciousness.

Edited: 05.11.2015

Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Copyright © 2006-2015 C.G.Garant. All Rights Reserved. Fair Use Notice.

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