October 20, 2014

Design Think

In reference to human consciousness, what we know determines how we think, how we feel and how we respond in a three-dimensional space/time (universe) where the holographic imaginings of duality dominate our perception of the world. Decisions and choices are based upon belief systems, observations and events we experience within the constraints of this dimension by virtue of the situations and circumstances we perceive as being real. We typically respond to these symbolic situations with a desire to challenge the unknown by means of knowing.

Our perceptions appear to be proportional to what we think we know and how we think we feel about what we think we know. Space/time merely creates the context. Design brings a meaning and a purpose to every situation. One aspect of knowing appears to be theoretical and intuitive in nature while the other seems to be quite practical or intellectual. 

Knowing could be described as the result of the relationship between the intellect and the intuition, with the intellect appearing to be more pragmatic while the intuition describes a more empathic kind of knowing. Design thinking represents and is an exercise in, the process that embodies this relationship through symbolic and holographic means.

However little is known or mentioned about the precursor to design thinking and a designed consciousness. This position is based upon the Taoist concept of Wu Wei.

"The message of Wu Wei is to develop exactly such a state of flow and to do it by developing deeper states of inner awareness. The easiest way to invoke a state of flow, therefore, is to go within, attune with your inner being and the intended task, then come out into the world of action and carry out your intuitive guidance every step of the way until the task is completed. In a state of flow, the action is guided from within and the doer virtually vanishes into the deed. 

The key to creating the desired state of flow is that, because your inner being is fully attuned with the universe, you can then act in a manner, which is perfectly aligned with all other circumstances related to your work. This is how synchronicity happens and coincidences become commonplace in your life. People, ideas and materials all come together at the exact right time and in the right place because flow is an orchestration of the many, not just the one. 

You can be the main person conducting the work, but the universe responds to your inner connection and brings to you everything that you need with effortless coincidence. 

The message of Wu Wei is that there is a time and a place for everything to come together for effortless achievement. By intending a goal and connecting with your inner being, you start the creation of that perfect time and place by attracting all the resources you need to achieve the goal. Then, by acting exactly when the energy feels right, you express the flow of ideas and energy, which pours forth from your inner being. 

Achievement becomes effortless, and the realm of being has become manifest in the world of action. You will have achieved success by alignment with the realm of not doing."

Ideas are preconceived imaginings focused about a central concept.  The imagination functions within the realm of the subconscious, a virtual world that symbolically separates 3d space/time from the unconscious. The subconscious is an invisible field (realm) that harbors the symbolic language of the quantum by virtue of design.

The dynamic established between the mind and heart gives rise to an intuitive “feeling” that is fundamental to the comprehension, understanding and implementation of the concepts and ideas that surround the phenomenon we perceive as design. Design is the process by which we shape light, energy and information into their most appropriate configurations.

Our reality is just one shard in a crystal field that refracts and reflects light from an unknown source.

Design allows us to take the position of an active observer and participator in a heart felt phenomenon that cannot be fully explained physically, mentally or emotionally. The concept of the intuition harbors the ability to approach what is beyond comprehension and understanding. The existence of every unknown source can be discovered and found to be both meaningful and purposeful by means of an imaginative design and the desire (energy-in-motion/e-motion) to make it so.  

The intuition in conjunction with design and the imagination allows us to theorize about what exists beyond the objective and material world, i.e. the unknown. Every intuitive urge is patterned about a unique configuration of design units/elements generated by an all-inclusive universe. These arrangements, i.e. patterns, create a fleeting position within the context of this field of virtual energy. All phenomena are patterned about a reality surrounding the current moment and before future waves of interference bring on further reformation.  

The desire to know and to feel is intrinsically linked with the desire to create. The process of knowing by means of feeling and feeling by virtue of knowing is merely one aspect of design thinking.

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October 11, 2014

Designed Intuitively ... Intuitively Designed

Design is driven by the intuition. Design invites entrance into the virtual unknown by means of the imagination. Design separates virtual space into two complimentary properties found to be both mental and emotional in character (Kama Manas). Each feature re-presents a pre-condition common to a field of particular interest and intuitive focus. 

Each pre-condition begins to spiral on its own due to resistance originating within the medium, i.e. the contextual field in which they converge. Each precondition develops its own potentiality about certain features that drive the intuition to formulate certain patterns, e.g. DNA. Each trait becomes either attracted or repulsed as they magnetically spiral and intertwine about the electric pulsations of the imagination and within the parametric constraints of a particular space/time, i.e. dimensional field.

Design strives for being-ness. Design is driven by the intuition and is facilitated by the imagination.

Relationships are created between distinctive features as each quality attempts to congeal about an original blueprint intuitively patterned within the parameters of an original concept and/or idea. The intuition acts as a focal point, an attractor and a catalyst while the imagination meanders within the quantum field of this virtual reality. Energy-in-motion (desire) is driven by the imagination and subconsciously guided by the intuition. 

Design thinking is intuitive in character. Design thinking acts as an attractor and is catalytic in its ability to expand a field of awareness. Design thinking increases awareness while remaining idealistically driven by the dualistic currents that support the imagination (meaning and purpose). Design thinking can be both conceptual in nature while remaining detailed in approach and visa versa. Design thinking is intuitively driven by the imagination, quantum in character and holographic in its presentation.

Design is an intuitive gesture that seeks balance and harmony within the constraints of an ever-changing contextual field of quantum energy, light and information (see tetrahedron). An intention or desire creates a parametric field about a central core of consciousness we innately profess to know. It is a concept harbored within the form of an idea we’ve designated as representing this deep-seated knowledge. We describe it as being the self. In life design allows us to expose this same "idea" before a multitude of experiences and events at their most appropriate time and in their most appropriate space.

The connective tissue, i.e. the designs that emerge from between and within the concepts of meaning and purpose, complete a bridge that connects opposites. Together they reference the advent of a triadic relationship between the observer and what is being observed, i.e. the duality. The association is symbolic in character, i.e. a situational phenomenon designed to complement all forms of energy under the direction and intentions harbored within underlying desires of the intuition (observer). The synergies that are created attempt to strike a balance within the ever-changing context of the virtual field in which they are observed. 

The intuition is a complimentary result of one’s mind and emotions working in tandem to create a relative feeling towards a particular situation or circumstance. Without the ability to imagine the thrust in support of one's intuition could never be realized. 

The context = a virtual field of quantum energy, light and information, e.g. the universe. Dark energy is part of every medium that has yet to be en-lightened by the imagination. 

The imagination = a tool of the intuition and aspect of an intelligence used in the attempt to make manifest the qualities of a contextual field in which an event or experience might potentially arise.

The intuition = the intuition connects us to the universe by means of portals appearing within and about the field of the subconscious. The intuition acts as a verification of the entanglement theoryDesign functions at a subconscious/intuitive level. Design operates between the realms of the conscious and the unconscious, the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen. The intuition creates the conduit; design fills it symbolically and metaphorically. Design is the language of light, energy and information.

Relative to 3D space/time the concepts that attempt to bring consciousness into awareness are specifically designed within the parametric constraints of a holographic representation of the same.  In a quantum world every image/idea can appear to be both tangible and intangible within the same frame of reference ex. light. In reference to the intuition and the imagination this is a natural state-of-affairs and fundamental to the concept of creativity.

All relative formations of energy, light and information are ideas stemming from the depths of an intuitive imagination contained within a presence, i.e. position, capable of adapting within a field of virtual change. Such a principle holds true in every imaginative undertaking that embraces both the known and the unknown. The subconscious acts as a portal between fields by establishing gateways that are triggered to open whenever appropriate. These instances have been described as being synchronistic in character, i.e. events and experiences that allow the unknown to be revealed and in a sense realized.

This template is all embracing, only the contextual references (viscosity/dimension) of the medium will vary. One form may appear material from one perspective and intangible from another. Every situation is dependent upon the POV of the observer and the context in which the phenomenon is prescribed to emerge.

The relationship between meaning and purpose implies a similar scenario when considering one’s own perspective. Each POV is always changing. Some fields (dimensions) of materialization are more refined, i.e. subjective, than others. Collectively some may appear to be more objective in quality. Some fields appear to be more physical, static and permanent. Others positions cause reality to appear more “fuzzy” and out of focus by being more conceptual in relationship to the context in which it is observed. Some experiences and events appear out of time, subjective in their totality, multi-dimensional in character, imaginative in origin and resourceful in quality as they emerge out from within the depths of the subconscious. We typically perceive such experiences as synchronistic events, dreams and day-to-day imaginings.  

When one escapes the constraints of 3D space/time and enters into the virtual field of the quantum, time is no longer required nor is the space in which the imagination functions remain entirely three-dimensional. Time has no bearing and space no limitation. 

We are currently on the cusp of a collective awakening. Reality appears before consciousness in the form of a series of corresponding contrasts made between qualities that are symbolically and metaphorically expressed in a quantum world. Consciousness is the product of a vibrant and intuitive imagination making itself apparent within the context of a universal field filled with change, energy and information. 

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Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL http://designconsciousness.blogspot.com/ is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Copyright © 2006-2014 C.G.Garant. All Rights Reserved, Fair Use Notice.

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