April 5, 2017

Hermes: Design Progenitor

Fathered by Zeus, king of the gods and Maia the eldest daughter of the seven Pleiades, Hermes was one of the twelve Olympians. Hermes was attributed as being the interpreter, envoy and divine messenger of the gods. Hermes oversaw the process of transition and change. He was able to move freely between the worlds of the mortals and the divine, states that appear homologous to both consciousness and the unconscious. Hermes was a psychopomp, a spiritual guide that supposedly provided safe passage to the unknown, i.e. the underworld. Hermes was also the patron of invention, creativity, ingenuity and the god of prophetic dreams.

“What is a god? A god is a personification of a motivating power of a value system that functions in human life and in the universe.”

Qualities attributed to Hermes were as a translator and intermediary between the fields of the conscious and the unconscious. Some poets and authors considered his powers to be tricky, cunning, seeking and deceiving. He also shares the legacy of being the inventor of physical fire, which could be interpreted as a raising of awareness through friction, i.e. situations metaphorically created between contrasting qualities of both like and unlike kind.

In the Homeric hymn, "after he had fed the loud-bellowing cattle... he gathered much wood and sought the craft of fire. He also invented written music and many other things. He took a splendid laurel branch, gripped it in his palm, and twirled it in pomegranate wood" (lines 105, 108–10)

Hermes symbolizes the power of transitions and boundaries while also being the patron of athletes, literature and oratory. Hermes also symbolized not only the attributes of physical speed, but also the quick wittedness of mind.

Symbolically the power prescribed to Hermes describes the Life source that finds refuge in every human heart, the silent listener and communicator, i.e. the recognizer of the voice cognizant of the inner awareness of all things. Energy patterns, characteristic of the quantum field/s that form about the strands of DNA, are broadcast as patterns of light and information. Each gesture is the reflection of the imagination at work, an awareness seeking equilibrium that only the intimate attentiveness to one’s own inner utterances are capable of achieving. Design gives energy to ideas that are realized through the swift, timeless and Hermetic power of listening to one’s own veiled sense of the moment.

“Every myth is psychologically symbolic. Its narratives and images are to be read, therefore, not literally, but as metaphors.”

Hermes bridges the realities of humanity with that of the gods through the power of myth, a strategically designed process of learning through a mix of both the imagination and experience. Communications between divergent interests are made viable through experiences of a visceral nature, i.e. situations that allow for and often require, creative thinking and liberation. This methodology presents a special kind of access to knowledge that can only be facilitated by a personal interpretation of symbol and metaphor.

“Mythology is composed by poets out of their insights and realizations. Mythologies are not invented; they are found. You can no more tell us what your dream is going to be tonight than we can invent a myth. Myths come from the mystical region of essential experience.”

Hermes’ power rests with establishing, rejuvenating and maintaining a constant flow of energy, light and information between symbolic events and experiences that occur at all levels, dimensions and magnitudes of consciousness. Hermes attempts to inspire humanity by expanding awareness through symbolic means and metaphor thereby allowing for a greater sense of being and alignment with Life's unknown source. Hermes represents the process that intuitively nurtures and guides our awareness into an active transition between the realms of the known and the unknown.

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March 29, 2017

The Mind of Hermes

The mind plays tricks on itself. Hermes personifies a quality of mind that disobeys conventional behavior and in turn, becomes an intimate participant in many creative orchestrations.

The Hermetic mind is conditioned to break the rules, confuse issues and push the envelope. Some of these infusions are malicious in their desire to produce a favorable result. These objective are ego based and products of a lower mind, i.e. a lesser developed consciousness. It is often the trickery of the fox that gets him into trouble. The mind can be foolish, cunning and unwittingly humorous in its’ desire to bring to fruition the focus of its own intentions/attention*. At times the Hermetic mind appears to fool itself without a clue, especially if its objectives are misplaced. The mind can easily contradict what it knows to be true and righteous. This becomes vividly apparent by virtue of the mind's relationship with consciousness, i.e. Source/intelligence.

*Note: Please consider the words attention and intention. Focusing one's awareness about a desire brings a-tension along with its in-tension. Vibration increases, one's heart beats rapidly and the mind's imagination accelerates. These are physical responses felt in reference to a projection of energy.

This issue becomes apparent when certain events are experienced while remaining impervious to the mind. The senses can and will, play tricks with the mind. The field or state of awareness prescribed as the "mind" is embraced within the influence of a virtual Source, i.e. an Intelligence that appears to contain all we could ever experience. But does it really? Intelligence is conditioned at certain levels of awareness and dimension ... by virtue of the imagination. Likened to the lyre, ideas and feelings surrounding every note will naturally multiply. Together they contain the potential of generating an even greater composition. The objective of this imaginative gesture is to generate, i.e. materialize, a most intimate link between the observer and the Source (see The Design Archetype), i.e. which is the context in which the event is experienced. To be unimaginable is to be un-conscious.

The mind can be both a joker and a trickster, changing roles when juggling its awareness (focus) between the qualities of the intuition and the intellect. The design mind is substantiated in the imagination. It is quite clever, mischievous and child-like. At times the design mind can challenge the world by using unorthodox methods that both disguise and defend its own interpretation of the world. The creative mind is rebellious in character. The design mind can at times be en-light-ened. However, there is no guarantee that awareness will broaden within the context of experience.

In addition to poking fun at the status quo, the creative mind possesses a natural tendency to bring to awareness certain elements that appear flawed and in need of change. New methods and systems become apparent to the design conscious mind. The imagination's tendency is to question, devise, generate and explore. This course of action illustrates the desire of the mind to penetrate into the un-conscious and through Hermes steal a glimpse into the workings of Olympus. The Hermetic mind becomes the link between the worlds of the conscious and the unconscious and will likewise disguise and/or disclose all that is real.

Hermes is the personification of the mind, i.e. the medium that attempts to transcend the threshold of 3D space and time. The design mind strives to penetrate the veil between Olympus and Gaia through symbolic and metaphorical means, yet harbors the potential of becoming its own worst enemy. When passion surrounds meaning by outweighing its purpose major changes, i.e. transitions and transformations, will occur. In nature these highly meaningful events often become synchronized and purposely divorced from the concept of linear time. We often witness and experience these situations in the form of a synchronistic event.

Mind might be described as a field, a medium, a frequency, or a dimension symbolically stimulated and made apparent by means the design function. Synchronistic events allow for insights into the unknown (unconscious). Synchronistic events bring their own revelations to awareness and into consciousness through symbolic means.

Design’s dependency upon the imagination creates the patterns required to bring a meaningful awareness to every event. These images, feelings and events are symbolically coded and based upon the notion that a state of un-consciousness exists throughout the universe. In this way every event exhibits a certain character or quality designed to resonate and become imprinted upon the consciousness of every observer in a manner that will never be forgotten. All of life could be described as being somewhat unconscious ... unfortunately we are only somewhat aware of it. 

“He (Hermes) is a metaphor for the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.”


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Find your truth. Know your mind. Follow your heart. Love eternal will not be denied. Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL http://designconsciousness.blogspot.com/ is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Please note … posts are continually being edited over time. Copyright © 2006-2017 C.G. Garant. All Rights Reserved. Fair Use Notice.

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