May 27, 2009

Design Metaphysics: The Enneagram

Composed of three triads the Ennead, or the nine-sided polygon, has been interpreted as being three times more sacred than all other configurations with each triad representing perfection, balance, and order. The highest level of attainment or possibility is where nine becomes the final number, the final form of consciousness in a progressive list of achievement and awareness, i.e. the nth degree.

The word ennead, or the nine (Greek) references an assembly of nine deities and in some early polytheistic religions as being symbolic of a great religious power. A natural number used in the grading of the purity of precious metals, in addition to representing the Emperors of China and various personality types, nine according to Ouspensky is a symbol meant to represent “ … any natural or whole phenomenon, cosmos, process in life or any other piece of knowledge.”

Three times three is an expression of perfection where the power of the “Holy Spirit” completes the divine will, i.e. the desire that emerged from the unknown in order to experience self through the constraints of a designed realm of consciousness. The final simple number and shape to symbolize the manifestation of mind, emotion, spirit and matter in quest of fulfillment and completeness.

The ennead is a systemic expression of harmony as conveyed within a perfected imagination and similarly within the nine choruses of Angels: the Seraphes, Cherubs, Thrones, Dominations, Principlaities, Powers, Virtues, Archangels and ordinary angels. Numerically the “magic square” is made of the first nine numbers that add to 15 in any direction.

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

The number nine signifies a pivotal point of periodic transition from the completion of one level of consciousness and the beginning of the next. Consciousness and the field in which it has it being, is afforded the opportunity to repeat circumstances, i.e. experiences, or break the cycle and follow a different path. Consciousness is sensitive to the patterns, designs and designations of the field at-large and is always in resonance with a greater field in which it has its being. Options are plenty with micro differences in significance and direction available when consciousness is placed into context.

Like the Muses of ancient Greece, daughters of memory and sources of the imagination, the number nine traditionally described the design process as a cosmic matrix that linked both micro and macro levels of consciousness within the constraints of cyclic behavior.

Design's use of the symbol is the tool used in the creation of relationships between the meaning and purpose of the creator (intention) and what has been made manifest (symbolized). All cognition, reason and emotions are expressed through design, as sacred symbols give form to the energies they represent. Design creates the metaphors that can either unite or destroy life by bringing into manifestation energies that are both visible and invisible.

Nine is the final number and therefore sets the limits where whatever can be attained has been completed and fulfilled. Nine signifies that consciousness has reached a particular threshold, a unity and culmination where the “universe consciously recognizes itself” and is about to be born into a yet new environment/field filled with its own unique situations and potentialities.

"The number 9 is written with a circle and a line, the 0 and the 1. 0 is no-thing that represents everything. 1 is action and movement. 1s and 0s are the basic elements of computer programming, the two small commands that make our technological world possible; all of technology is built on 1s and 0s. We must have congruence, represented by the completeness of the 0 before we can take the 1's invitation to action. Sometimes we are tempted to use the 1, action, as a stick to beat the 0 into submission but that doesn't do us any good ..."

January 2016 Energy Report
Jennifer Hoffman

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