November 7, 2009

Cognitive Awareness

Consciousness is dependent upon the ability to dynamically adjust to an environment that is in perpetual change. Stimuli construed as originating from both internal and external sources is indicative in understanding the concept of design consciousness as a whole.
In order to survive and function appropriately consciousness must possess awareness, i.e. elements of cognition that can be described in both the smallest and broadest of terms. The capacity to respond to any surrounding environment makes a certain degree of cognition mandatory if any manifestation of consciousness is to survive.
It soon becomes apparent that the greater the field of consciousness the greater its awareness, complexity, and influence. Cognition contributes to the formation of an intelligence that by nature will acclimatize to every circumstance it encounters. By appending awareness, consciousness increases its chances for survival by expanding its resources under the guise of balance. If done coherently the relative materialization of this process appears to manifest in its most appropriate form, which is a symbolic reflection of the situation encountered. Through the transfer of energy by either sign or symbol, consciousness provides an appropriate form to its environment while simultaneously responding to it. Consciousness is the product of a number of cognitions (awarenesses) connected by varying degree and quality.

Consciousness cannot be known by any one perspective or cognition, rather consciousness must be placed into a context in order to be perceived and/or recognized. In this same fashion a single cognition becomes significant when it resonates and thereby compliments its archetypal source while vibrating at another octave. The product of this resonance may eventually appear in the form of a solid, a thought, or an emotion.
When perceived as a form of intelligence, greater awareness can be achieved by purposely expanding within the same environmental constraints that both recognize and distinguish it from others. When internally directed this process could be viewed as experience. These situations therefore become the very same experiences that create the opportunities and imaginings that add to the growth of awareness.
In design all consciousness must work within constraints. When approaching its limits, consciousness must blend with other fields of awareness solely for the purpose of expansion and survival.

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