November 26, 2011

Design Metaphysics: The Hendecagon

The eleven-sided polygon is rarely seen in nature. Its shape signifies an entrance or portal into what could been described as a mystical state of mind. Somewhat delusional in context eleven is also known to be the first number, i.e. the root, in a sequence of numbers, 22, 33, 44, etc. that can be found in an ideal world existing beyond the constraints of form.

Two single fields form a third symbolic gateway (1-1) into other realms of awareness generating a potential for greater opportunity and more experience. A bridge appears, a portal into other worlds is created by means of the energy patterns generated by a hendecagon in resonance. The eleven-sided polygon has been interpreted as a link between the conscious and the unconscious. The hendecagon opens a gate to greater opportunities.

Intuitively sensitive the eleven- fold field initiates the potential for becoming an active channel. Similar with entering any new circumstance expectations are high and ambitious opportunities colossal. At this point the focus of awareness is traversing two distinctly different realms between states that together lead to all that can be experienced and/or discovered.

Introspective in character yet universal in context a greater field of potential growth appears to present itself to the observer. For the most part little is felt during this transition period while a deeply symbolic and mysteriously veiled encoding process surfaces as fleeting sparks of awareness. At times these insights emerge in 3D space/time as a synchronistic moment in the daily life of the observer. Such moments appear multidimensional in character as they cross the boundaries of consciousness.

General beliefs firmly maintained are challenged. What is declared as being real is argued. Irrational coincidences contradict the status quo by virtue and means of subjective experience. Contradictions are found and exposed. Conditions are questioned. New insights that go beyond the mundane become paramount forcing the observer to listen and inquire as to the location, meaning and purpose supporting this phenomenon. At this juncture design’s prowess in the life of the observer begins to make an impression.

In reference to humanity design creates the link between the realms of the conscious and the unconscious. This middle domain has been described forming the subconscious (see Vesica Piscis).

The subconscious is the playground of design, the field in which the concept of quantum theory harbors the opportunity of becoming substantiated, i.e. materialized. It is a virtual field of choice where the imagination can run rampant and where systems of belief, introspection and conditioning will have their affect. Beyond the subjective realm of the imagination, the field of the subconscious is the most intimately felt. For it is within the subconscious and through the imagination that most of humanity find refuge in bringing their ideas to awareness. For humanity the subconscious is the “gateway” where intuitive impression and subjective interpretation meet the resistance of an objective world.

The concept of time is now experienced in a new and different light. Any entrance into greater levels of consciousness require a significant reliance upon the collaboration between the intuition and the intellect be means of the imagination. Each new vehicle (conceptually substantiated idea) must be designed in order to incorporate every new understanding of “reality”.

With greater meaning there must also be greater purpose.

Life resonates at a more significant frequency when observed within the parametric constraints presented in the subconscious. The subconscious appears to emerge as a field being generated between two stately pillars of permanence or stability, i.e. consciousness and the unconscious, the singularity and the collective, the Yin and the Yang, meaning and purpose, etc. Opportunities abound within the constraints of this harmonious playing field. The ramifications that surround the concept of design become more apparent and a certain collective awareness begins to decode the meaning and purpose of Life’s symbolic messages. In essence Life's events and experiences are now seen in a different “light”.

With the knowledge that the universe is a magnanimous, holographic and benevolent virtual field of contextual awareness, the concept of consciousness becomes more and more collective, inclusive and multi-dimensional in character. Holograms stemming from the imagination become more encompassing, receptive and devoted to a collective growth in awareness.

Any focus surrounding the forms that encompass, describe and transmit this greater awareness become more objectively apparent than ever before. Every desire becomes intensified with the knowledge that Life's most appropriate choices need to be made in order to attain and/or retain a certain balance and harmony within dimensional constraints.

Choices made outside the boundaries of a collective awareness simply remain within the subjective playing field of fantasy and whim, i.e. the imagination. At times these choices can lie dormant and without true appreciation, realization or understanding. It is imperative that the desire to find balance between meaning and purpose become essential to the well being of the observer along with the observed, i.e. the objective collective, otherwise the designs behind one's intention/s will remain distorted, unfulfilled and never truly realized, felt or experienced. It is for this reason that in the past parameters inherent to duality, i.e. 3D space/time, were engaged in order to guide and encourage evolutionary progress. However currently this is no longer the case. 

Belief systems are destined to be questioned based upon the controls and indoctrination they've imposed upon the species in a time when consciousness was predominately linear in character and expression. The restrictions they once imposed was considered appropriate for humanity to eventually find its own voice within. Control brings about resistance and the drive to internalize what is being observed, felt, experienced and appropriately "packaged" as reality. 

Decisions in the future will be made in light of a quantum understanding of energy. Decisions will be made "in light" of a series of timeless dimensions where a quantum awareness is mandatory. Consciousness gained by means of an active internal awareness likewise harbors a greater understanding of the many design principles in support of every Universe. Internal realizations made in reference to a quantum understanding of human and planetary evolution, i.e. consciousness, will be the harbinger of change. 

A quantum understanding of reality is now just beginning to materialize within the consciousness of the collective. In turn the future of the species will affectively be re-presented by how we respond to our inner power. Duality re-presents but one phase forward and towards humanities greater enlightenment. Belief systems will continue to exist within the brevity of the moment yet can instantly change in a quantum instant according to your POV. Quantum awareness possesses the ability to measure and interpret every situation within a subjective and objective moment. Quantum awareness evaluates circumstances and consequences within the evolving parametric constraints inherent to every observer of time and space. Potential futures based upon a conscious and creative benevolence replace the powers, i.e. belief systems, that that once prevailed and controlled the planet. Consciousness is a collective and symbolic expression/reflection of an inner awareness re-presented and congealed within the limitations of form. Sensitivity and recognition of universal forms of energy and light great and small, are attributable to exercising a quantum consciousness about all things seen and unseen. 

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November 19, 2011

The Design Paradox

Humanity exists at the cusp between the paradigms of science and design. Awareness of design is derived from the interaction, interference and integration of virtual energy that when viewed holistically, contributes to the formation of what we believe to be reality. Interestingly enough, we “know this to be true” so much so that we are constantly striving to prove this statement to ourselves by design.

Consciousness is more a feeling, i.e. an impression, and when viewed in its entirety, consciousness is more than just a thought. Consciousness is the product of series of referential recognitions, made within the parameters of our own virtual field specific to what we interpret to be real. Consciousness is an expression of what we believe to be real, a holographic imaging process composed of inputs and outputs sprinkled about concrete points of awareness; positions of stability and locations that harbor a limited perspective, knowledge and understanding of the whole.

The motion generated from an unending assembly and disassembly of virtual energy provides the stage for a holographic concept of oneness that similarly circumscribes the process. Knowingness is the product of a progressive awareness made within the constraints of time, an accumulated affect of many experiences symbolically discovered within the holographic fields of our own making. To expand in consciousness is to accept and respond to the experiences that present themselves to us, i.e. situations along the paths we have chosen, designed and created for ourselves.

Design appears before our awareness in the form of symbols that bring meaning to what we observe and experience.

Design is paradoxical … a holographic experience intrinsic to the observer and the observed, consciousness and the subconscious, order and chaos. Without design there would be no meaning, Life, movement, relevance to nature or purpose of intent. Design affords us the opportunity to witness and experience the vibrations (signals/cosmic pulsations) that emerge symbolically from the abyss of the unknown, i.e. the Source, in the form of impressions that are made apparent within the contextual framework of what we create.

Virtual fields of awareness resonate either positively or negatively, either absorbing and/or rejecting all or part of what affects them. Stimuli from other “sources” affect every designation. Therefore, consciousness appears as a measureless, changing virtual field of our own making, perceived in the form of a hologram that is composed of qualities we perceive to be mental, physical and emotional in character.

Consciousness penetrates all forms of energy due to the holographic nature of the imagination. Because of design we are able to comprehend and interpret these impressions symbolically. 

Collectively awareness gives rise to a dualistic circumstance perceived to possess the qualities of both the known and the unknown, which are fundamentally holographic in character and are felt to exist. That which is unknown is the Source, the unit. The unknown is an internal constant.
Relative form can only know unity, which is a holographic construct of the unit (Source). Both qualities are symbolic in character and fundamental to understanding design and the process surrounding its’ manifestation.
The universe is a virtual soup of “substances” coagulating and dispersing into relative forms through the thought process we describe as the imagination. Virtual fields of energy permeate each other to varying degrees, i.e. frequencies, and give relative credence to the most appropriate holograms interpreted as being “real” within the contextual constraints of space.

Virtual fields appear in the form of designs that are both relatively objective and subjective. Typically the field of context found to be most appropriate is interpreted as such symbolically and is responded to with a hologram specifically created for the situation at hand.

The perpetual projection of these signals, i.e. frequencies, from both within and outside the fields that give relative form to the cosmos, demonstrates the fact that everything is impermanent. Permanence is an abstraction supported by holograms created merely for the purpose of giving relevance to the concept of time. Life is dependent upon design’s capacity to sustain motion through a wide variety of formations. Design provides consciousness a degree of stability by both categorizing and combining awareness into experiences of importance, e.g. the archetypes.

Without the continuous flow of energy into and out of every virtual field of holographic awareness there would be no foundation for expansion and/or contraction. This is why the creative process is the most vital element responsible for consciousness becoming aware of its self. Design affords consciousness a feedback loop made apparent by what it creates. Creativity is stimulated by desire along with the imagination (thought) to provide Life sustenance through design. By exercising our desires through a positive and creative imagination, humanity broadens its’ conscious horizons.

Together fields of virtual energy have the potential to create an identifiably larger field of awareness by congregating around a common frequency, i.e. unity, to which all forms can resonate.
Within every form is hidden the holographic fragments that together give it sustenance.
The purpose of sharing a common frequency is based upon survival. Frequencies that are projected out and about the surrounding environment, i.e. field of context, influence all fields and formations within its “range of influence”. Survival demands that designed forms resonate within the constraints of their contextual environment and in this fashion, share in the creation of a common focus and awareness. Images, along with their counterparts, thoughts and feelings, remain in flux by changing within the context by which they are felt and perceived.
Certain microcosmic fields of virtual energy are involved in specific functions within every macrocosmic field. The complex nature surrounding human consciousness finds the emergence of an even more complex set of mental and emotional qualities. Form describes the “essence” of a virtual field and design provides the linkage between microcosmic contributors made relevant by the imagination and through holographic collaboration.

The virtual field we describe as the mind, along with its counterpart the emotions (heart), create a personal point of reference used to perceive all holograms viewed within time/space.
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November 7, 2011

Design Metaphysics: The Decagon

Desires fulfilled, situations encountered and experiences learned, the single pulse motivated by desire that originated from within the center of its own field of consciousness is now contained within all that it has learned. That which has been considered “unknown” has become experienced and made “known”.

Situations encountered have been presented to the self, brought forward by desire and “materialized” within the parametric constraints of a self inflicted reality created by the imagination and a holographic realization of the constraints in which it has found its being.

A desire pushed forward by the will to know being-ness. The will to bring into manifestation the desires of a single point of awareness (unity) now returning to its self in the form of a receptacle, i.e. a filled vessel, containing a new and greater understanding of the concept of wholeness (1+0=10) i.e. the one, the monad, now whole while being reduced back to what appears to be an original one (1+10=1); the cyclic adventure and universal process of expansion and contraction returning to its source.

Situations encountered relate back to their point of origin through an expanding and contracting consciousness generated in a symbolic fashion by design. A relative permanence has been substantiated from what was once perceived to be an impermanent field. The design process has given “form” to Life by making manifest a preconceived plan, i.e. a blueprint, filled with intention and desire.

Because of design, our desires have been made “real” through a series of holographic reflections of ourselves. The decagon illustrates that the projections of self symbolize the very wholeness of the source, i.e. the unity, from which they originated and are contained. This is done by imagining all that is, is but a reflection of the true self made transparent within the dualistic constraints of meaning and purpose. In essence, this process has no beginning and no end because other fields of consciousness still await to be explored and experienced.

From this same point of potentiality will emanate yet other series of projections with intentions unknown. Design’s origin remains both nowhere and everywhere ... and where future borders can only be imagined. To know all would be to know the true circumference of a circle, which is knowable only to the Oneness, i.e. the unit, lying beyond the self, i.e. the unity.

The decagon symbolizes a certain degree of attainment, a certain degree of wholeness achieved during its designed journey. Not yet a full circle, the decagon is “rounding off” the design experiences in preparation towards transcendence into another field of consciousness. The blueprint will continue on in a series of cyclic expansions and contractions all leading towards the penetration into yet another "irrational field". The new density will again challenge the imagination to create new goals and objectives in a flawless and perpetual growth in awareness.

Further comments concerning the Decagon:
* Some experiences will seem to be duplicated within the confines of the given blueprint yet are skewed due to the context in which each holographic experience materializes. This natural event is the result of a combination of the many forces surrounding every situation.
* Symmetries are mirrored abstractions of the very holographic reflections that every field naturally creates when striving towards wholeness and harmony. Transformations occur but leave the field unchanged by performing within the context of one situation after another and thereby identifying each experience within the framework of a group, subgroup or set of experiences.

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