September 26, 2010

Awareness and its Relationship to Consciousness

Conceptual impressions surrounding this post have yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument, context or network.

When considering the relationship between awareness and consciousness, a true understanding of awareness should be likened to observing a school of fish that collectively swim together and appear to be closely engaged for what appears to be a common purpose. Consider each fish an individual component that is representative of a greater consciousness, i.e. a greater field; an individualized “awareness” that moves in a collective manner and acts in coordination with those of like kind as they move within a changing environment.

Each fish appears to be closely synchronized with the others while simultaneously responding to the proximate environment in which they have their being. Isn’t this much like how our own mind and emotions work? We respond to the environment in which we exist, are dependent upon past patterns of response, i.e. belief systems, and are typically hard-wired to adapt to those situations we encounter as change. Each “experience” has the potential to create an additional pattern of behavior within a quantum template commonly shared by each fish in a communal "Observer Effect". This process typifies an ever-expanding adventure that supports, negates or adds to earlier imprinted connotations, perceptions, actions and responses.

The capacity inherent in awareness’ purpose to generate, coordinate and substantiate these patterns is elemental in differentiating itself from the larger quantum field in which it participates, i.e. consciousness. In other words, the ability to isolate and identify a single awareness in relationship to the field at-large, which includes the many associative patterns it experiences during the course of its own being, allows the larger macro field in which it exists to expand exponentially if the conditions allow and support it.

Awareness like consciousness is exercised and known at quantum levels. At some point during the process of expansion, and when group awareness is measured collectively, consciousness will reach a “tipping point”, i.e. a measure that constitutes the field to be, for lack of a better term, of a greater mind. Does a school of fish act as if they are of one mind and therefore possess and give expression to one consciousness? Not all fish and not at all times.

A school of fish symbolically illustrates a cooperative and communal balance between components that move in relative harmony while relating and responding to the environment, i.e. situation, in which they exist. Doesn’t this metaphor also describe a kind of collective “intelligence” given definitive and sometimes physical expression in time/space? Therefore, isn’t intelligence merely the result of a collective awareness made conscionable at systemic levels by the focused actions of a field of consciousness?

In constant flux and in search for balance within the quantum field of its own existence, awareness is forever responding to the environment in which it realizes its being.

Constraints are naturally imbedded in the equation of design consciousness. They appear symbolically as frequencies that vibrate at levels perceived to be physical, mental, and emotional in quality. The purpose: to participate, expand and experience the macro field of a quantum consciousness through microcosmic means. In other words, to experience the collective, i.e. Oneness, not only for growth in individual awareness, but also for the sake of survival when encountering new and unknown environments.
In this fashion awareness is the very creator of its own collective consciousness. Collectively awareness is consciousness and consciousness is the collective summation of its own awareness. All is and will always be One. Each component of consciousness possesses an “awareness” of systemic proportions, an individualized knowing in constant flux, seeking balance and harmony while perpetually responding to the environment in which it has its being.

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