July 19, 2012

Design Metaphysics: The Zero-Point and the Tridecagon

Conceptual impressions surrounding this post are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument or network.

Design is a process. There appears to be no beginning or end. Design contains and describes both the alpha and the omega. Design’s relationship to consciousness appears paradoxical. What seems to be an end is also a beginning; a perpetual cycle created as the result of energy (light/information) being generated from within an unidentifiable Source. This results in the creation and definition of a parametric field of consciousness made in the image and likeness of the same. Awareness is an expression of this process made manifest by design.

The design process incorporates and therefore exceeds all levels of awareness. Every virtual field of consciousness is contained within another and is typically focused about certain archetypal qualities, each possessing the potential to expand beyond the parametric constraints of its own self-awareness. From the perspective of any of these “states” the design process appears to perpetuate these patterns ad infinitum.

The design process acts as a “life line” cyclically congealing space into specific symbolic patterns and formations, i.e. ideas of significance. For the purpose of attaining experience, the design process embraces many systems of symbolic enterprise, e.g. poetry, numerology, science, astrology, art, mathematics, theater, music, literature, dance and geometry. So it should come as no shock as to why these systems of expression were so highly regarded and in some cases considered “sacred”, by many ancient cultures and societies.

With this being said, we shall begin our journey at a point of both the beginning and end of a cycle as represented by the tridecagon. The tridecagon symbolizes a point in the design process where a major transformation, i.e. change, is about to take place. The source (point) is contained within the constraints of earlier experiences and a new dimension is about to be entered where new holographic formations (ideas) are planned solely to accommodate the energy (light/information) that is about to be experienced during this time of transition.

The next placement of momentum takes the form of a labyrinth, a point of going around and around in a Fibonacci spiral to find the nautilus of you.  At that point of inner centeredness you will drop and rise simultaneously creating a dimensional flux, a bend in your future, a bend in your planet, and a bend in the light.  At that point of bending, you will then be offered an opportunity that comes only when you have initialized the codes of self-love.  Then and only then will you be allowed entrance into the center of your universe.

The Sacred Mirror, Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, The Quantum Awakening Newsletter July 2012 issue 160

Consciousness takes on the pattern of a wave in cross section, the result of a projection of light originating from an unknown source. Every projection has a design-ation. Every projection faces resistance in the form of a virtual field of density appearing "outside" its self. Due to resistance every projection likewise harbors the potential of becoming something different from what was intended. 

Because this energy/vibration has been focused and takes on the form of the imagination, every projection becomes substantiated in reference to its source as being "real". Every projection/vector represents the source/focus/point of origin of an image (hologram) of its own making. It is in this holographic environment that the observer becomes aware of what is symbolically portrayed as being real.  Consciousness creates the situations (experiences) necessary for an expansion in awareness by reflecting upon its own creation.

Energy is being refocused, the field changed, and parameters altered, as the concept of wholeness (consciousness) takes on a new meaning and a new purpose. The monadic origin appears reconstituted within the vibratory parameters of a new imaginative field of awareness. Different circumstances are brought forward through change thereby allowing for further expansion within designed boundaries that give precedence to a new universe with its own set of dimensions.

In order to expand beyond the parameters of a particular “state” of consciousness, awareness must also journey inward in order to absorb what is being experienced. The Zero-point symbolizes the concept of an etheric wholeness (unit) in a manner that reflects the rationale (belief system) that supports it, e.g. religion, mythology, mathematics, etc. This vacuum state (field) represents an omnipresent condition, a massless environment (Higgs field) that through friction, appearing as change, affords the opportunity of giving relative “substance” to the concept of the monad, avakya.

“ … the Higgs particle is a boson, a type of particle that allows multiple identical particles to exist in the same place in the same quantum state. It has no intrinsic spin, no electric charge, and no colour charge. It is also very unstable, decaying into other particles almost immediately. If the Higgs boson were shown not to exist, other "Higgsless" models would be considered. In some variants of the Standard Model there can be multiple Higgs bosons.”
Source: Wikipedia

Motion is the result of this "internalization" process where the concept of singularity (one-ness) assimilates itself by absorption, i.e. reflection, thereby becoming two-ness, i.e. two-dimensional. Duality, which is an expression that originates from within the Zero Point field (Source) now has gained the potential of becoming observable, felt, made to reason and "materialized" by design. Resistance separating opposites (Yin/Yang) also creates a subtle and rhythmic movement between them. Consciousness now has an opportunity to be experienced and brought to fruition through the imagination (mind) by actively pursuing a position considered to be in relative “balance” (Yung). Consciousness (the source) now finds itself in a position of becoming an observer in all that it “experiences”.

"Yung lies beyond the balance between polarities. It is a transparent third that is neither, and not in between. As the fixed principle regulating all under heaven, it contains an abstract reality that extends beyond experience. From innate ability we experience this as, and with, intelligence. Intelligence is without gender, subjectivity or polarity. It is not yin, and it is not yang. We can perhaps see this as the neutral, Intellectual counterpart to Physical and Emotional elements. Together they form the body, heart and mind of existence."

Todesign is to actively exercise and strive to be a balancing force within the parameters of one’s own virtual field of consciousness. This internalization process begins the journey towards manifestation, i.e. the objectification/externalization of a primordial drive to know self through means of projection, materialization, reflection and unification.

The illusion of  “duality” sets the stage and the parameters for the translation and transformation of oscillations that are in-phase, i.e. in coherence with other frequencies associated with the probability of materializing into the most appropriate formations of energy (light/information).

The ideas that surround the definition of a unit can be easily confused with the concept of unity. Chaos (0) symbolizes the unknown and all that is irrational, while the cosmos as described by Plato, symbolizes the concept of a cogent unit (1).

A phase shift is any change that occurs in the phase of one quantity, or in a phase difference between two or more quantities. It is sometimes referred to as a phase offset, because it represents a "shift" from zero phase. Any change in frequency in infinitely long sinusoids can also give rise to a shift in time. If a wave is delayed (time-shifted) a conscious feedback loop is simultaneously created that will symbolically return its experiences back to the "source". 
The drive towards consciousness has a mysterious beginning due to the chaotic characteristics of the virtual field from which the concept of “unity” seems to appear. Connectivity is a vector, a line of action emerging from a source angulating within the constraints of a virtual field yet to be experienced, created and/or realized. The projection of this energy from a source will unify certain monadic points within this virtual environment, e.g. Higgs-Boson, that when viewed objectively, i.e. observed, will vibrate within a particular range (wave length) and frequency. Remember that theoretically a wave becomes a particle only when observed, so light emitted from a single source will appear to "materialize" within the parametric constraints of the observer only. In the case of the double slit experiment (laser) the results are interference patterns. In the case of white light the results are the color spectrum

Certain wave frequencies are cancelled out leaving a relatively blurred "formation" of light and dark frequencies forming at the peaks and troughs within every virtual field. Concepts surrounding matter and anti-matter are similar and can be measured as degrees of separation along a range of wavelengths arranged in a progressive series of frequency, charge, density and energy. 

Consciousness divides from within by means of  projection and observation from within a virtual field of its own imagining. This gesture divides the concept of unity into a complementary interpretation of its own awareness, e.g. observer and contextThese vectors likewise characterize and categorize what is observed into contextual patterns of symbolic meaning and purpose, i.e. forms of vibratory expression as demonstrated by virtue of 2D patterning and 3D geometry, e.g. Platonic Solids. 

Two forces share in the creation of a holographic field originating from a common position of observation (POV) the result of which creates an situation for introspection and expansion through experience. 

The result of these events perforate the veil of consciousness (oneness) by means of projection. The design process vitalizes and supports the growth of consciousness by symbolically substantiating events and experiences between contrasting forces.

R. Buckminster Fuller

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